The memorable last day-II

74 students, one Auditorium, no trainer and lights out. Somebody falls and rolls down upto the stage.A painful wail is heard.Scroll below to find out what happens next.You can read the first part here.


Let me rewind the sudden loud thud and someone rolling down towards the stage, in slow motion. The turn of events for that restless multitude bumping into each other could not have led to anything different. It was romantic Ruchi and jolly Jyoti who first collided and then in the hurry to stabilize herself, Ruchi stepped on someone’s feet, and as she moved a bit trying to find space in the dim light, her feet got tangled with the wires alongside the wall and she fell backwards. Fortunately, Arvinder caught her in time. But then, sarcastic Saksham standing just behind her lost his balance and slipped. This time, Shivam came to his buddy’s rescue. It could have been a ‘dil mein ladoo phuta’ moment as in a Cadbury shots Advertisement for many onlookers, but the horror filled in the air had frozen everyone’s thinking ability beyond getting out of there safely.

Thus, after so many fails, it was only Vasudha from Mumbai who could succeed in falling straight on the carpeted floor. We were very surprised to see her lying down as if she was resting on her bed!

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The memorable last day

It was 10 AM sharp. It was the last and the 15th day of the Management and Communication skill (MCS)class. A crowd stood at the entrance, waiting to sign their attendance sheet. Getting one’s signatures on this sheet was a no less than a victory, because the attendance could not be marked even a minute after 10.

There was a certain level of excitement and joy that filled the air today. Being a mandatory training course, some of us were really delighted that it was finally the last day.  Many like Shreya were happy that they would not be  made to get up in the chilly winter mornings from the next day onwards, while others were happy that the day would mark the end of their woes of not getting an off to go back to their home towns.

We were a huge batch of 74, with people coming from far and wide.We were really a remarkable blend of diverse backgrounds and personalities.To add to this great mix, there was a Deepak from Nepal, Komal from Dehra, Vasudha from Mumbai, and rest were from different cities of Punjab.

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Through my Lens-28

Hi there! Welcome to  my quest to explore beauty in the overlooked and share with you the world through my lens.
This week’s picture ‘upside-down’ continues the weird and mystical adventure started last week. You can read the story so far below and be a part of the exciting adventure. And yes, don’t forget to see how this week’s shot blends in the tale!
If you would like to see the capture first, just scroll down and just a bit more down 😉

Story so far:

The protagonist is visiting her grandma’s when she ventures out to check out her kitchen garden. She is about to leave when weird things start happening, all attracting her to a mystical tree at the exit of the garden. Her hunches tell her to get out of that place when she hears her name being called out, the voice coming from the tree! She forgets her fear and is hypnotically drawn towards the tree. She touches its callous bark in a daze and goes blank. The next memory she has is of the situation when she is awakened by the voice of her grandmother, calling out , searching her. She finds herself in a puzzling situation, standing at the same spot, her hand against the bark. She out unable to fathom what could have happened in all that time she was standing there, touching the tree’s bark.. ?
You can access the full first part with all its thrills and mystery here
Now read the next part to get enlightened, just as the protagonist does…. or does she?


I followed grandma into the house, not sure what to tell her when she asked what was I doing out there for an hour. Would she believe what I had to say or will she take it to be a case of sun poisoning or even  lunacy?

I was not sure what would be the best thing to tell her when I was myself uncertain  of what had happened. Had I hallucinated? I was still in a daze over what had happened and that daze when mixed with fear of the unknown, was not exactly a pleasant feeling. I wanted it to go away.

‘I should probable drive back home’, I thought. ‘Maybe getting away from that place can help in forgetting the whole incident.’

So I told grandma I had to leave a bit early due to some office work and would drop by some other day, while she insisted I joined then for evening tea at least, if not dinner.

“I would have loved to, but I can’t”, I said in a sad tone. I had expected to spend a lovely day at grandma’s, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

My mind was caught in the web of these spoiler thoughts when I realized the adventures were not over yet..

I had got out the house, consciously keeping my head turned away from the garden. Hurriedly, I had opened the driver’s door only to see that my car was covered in cobwebs! The entrance to the driver’s seat, that whole area had a film of cobweb. I brushed that aside, disgusted, only to find the opposite window’s glass frame had a film of web too.

‘This is as horrible as it can get…’, I sighed. The only bright spot I could see in all that was that I had a very logical and probable reasoning for this. Just that morning, I had kept a big bunch of Neem leaves, complete with tender branches , in the car’s dicky and it was reasonable that this bunch housed spiders. This thing had been kept in the open for two whole days after being cut from the nearby tree by the gardener. What else could I expect from it? I nodded my head in frustration and started the engine. There was a good amount of cleaning to do once I reached home and I still couldn’t imagine how the dicky was going to be like.

The whole way back to home, I was trying to ward off the memories of that incident away, but the cobwebs here and there were only making it worse. Finally, I reached home, only to find it locked. ‘Must have left for the vegetable market’, I thought. I took out my spare key, opened the door  and ran straight to get a dusting cloth. I wanted to get rid of those cobwebs before anything else. After a through cleaning of the car and after putting those leaves at their place, I felt utterly exhausted.

My room seemed like heaven, I had not been so happy to see it in a long time.

And there I was, sprawled on it in the next moment ,if only my mind could be at peace! It was still struggling to unlock the impenetrable locks that covered the incident. There was block, a closed door which would not budge, however hard I tried. I could not recollect anything except the realisation that I went to the tree in a trance of some sort, as I would never do that in my right senses. I hated the prospect of somebody else controlling my mind and actions and shivered at the mere thought of it.My mental rant continued for some time and I did not realize when I went into a deep slumber.


Upside down

I stood at the staircase, staring at the stairs. They looked different….were they upside down? There was bright light coming from the end of it. What could be up there? I crept up the stairs, curious again, my hands touching vines of a climbing plant trailing the wall as I climbed up. But this light was not the only bewitching thing about this place, which was drawing me closer to it. It was the sound of somebody, probably a woman crying which caused to go and see what was happening.

There she was, sitting on the floor, leaned against the wall, crying. She looked 16-17 of age and was clad in yellow. The ambience of the room, which was stacked with every wooden thing possible, was soothing. Was that cupboard actually upside down or I was it my imagination, I was never able to analyze because now the wailing had got a lot more louder. I rushed over to her and put a comforting hand over her shoulder. “Why are you crying dear? Are you okay?” I asked. She replied with some more incessant sobbing. I rubbed her shoulder, trying to quieten her down. “Maybe I can help if you tell me”, I said comfortingly, kneeling beside her. It was then I noticed her lower body was covered in something like black grease, or had her feet blackened? Puzzled, as I tried to look closely. “There was an aa-attack on my family..”, she said trying to control her sobs. “..they sprayed a poisonous liquid on our food and …and I accidently sat on some of it spilled on the petal…” She said drawing long breaths and sobbing in between, while I took her shaking hand in mine and listened intently. “It killed them a..all…before I could know what was happening. I just heard papa yell not to drink any of the nectar before I saw them leave me alone in this cruel world.”, She started waling again.

“I’m sorry..” That was all I could say. Her state was heart wrenching. “It will be okay…please stop crying”, I was trying my best to pacify her, but it all seemed vain, given the situation.

“I tried to end my life but it would not let me…even after what that liquid has done to my feet!” my gaze shifted to the feet she turned towards me. They looked charred, I noticed, horrified. This was the blackness I had seen before. I turned my head away only to see a strangely beautiful pair of cup and a saucer on my left. The cup was made of a flower while a green leaf served as its saucer, kept over the cup to cover it. I couldn’t help but admire them. Suddenly, my thoughts were diverted  by the noise of frantic banging…somebody was calling out my name!

I got up from my slumber, anxious. What was this noise? I rushed in its direction, half asleep only to find mom standing at the door with a bag of vegetables in her hand. I lousily opened the latch and let her in. “Why..You are back quite early. I wasn’t expecting you too be home”, she said, keeping the veggies on the kitchen counter while I filled a glass with water. “Me neither”, I was feeling rather groggy and an unusual heaviness in my head. “I need to catch on some sleep..” I said and returned to my room, without another word, as she looked at me quizzically.

As I lay there again, the dream broken in the mid came rushing back to me, its negativity seeping into my present. That was the only reason I could fathom for my sudden foul mood. Also, there was something quite wrong with it and it was now thatI could analyse it with sanity as each detail of that strange dream came rushing back to me, surprisingly, crystal clear. This had never happened before. Moreover, the dream seemed connected to my past, present and future somehow, as I went through it again. I saw myself going up that strange staircase, with a creeper along its walls. My mind raced and as I recollected each thing; there was wood all around, and a girl in yellow and the happening thereafter. ‘Wait, did she say she drank ‘nectar’?’ I wondered. ‘And Wasn’t that crockery made of flowers and leaves ?!’ I thought if I was over analysing this, after all it was just a dream. But then I remembered an ‘it’ something  had stopped it from committing suicide, after her feet were charred by a poisonous liquid. And where had she said she sat and drank nectar? A flower! The events of the morning at the kitchen garden came before my eyes and suddenly everything started making sense, a lot more than it did before. Astonished, I sat up. Like a bolt, the whole reality hit me a with a huge force.

‘I think I just connected the dots’, I rejoiced, just as I feel back on my pillow. There was a lot to be done the next day. The first one being going over to grandma’s, again.


The strange dream and her mystical encounter at her grandma’s seem to be connected. See her connect the fragmented pieces and complete the puzzle in the next part, to be released next sunday, June 5, 2016 – same time, same place. What is our protagonist chosen to do?

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An uninvited visitor

1. The strange sound

The sun had set already and I was  in my room doing my evening prayers. Suddenly, I heard  the back door, which was fastened, banging. At first, I ignored it thinking it must the wind crashing against the door, making its latch go back and forth or maybe it was my little sister fooling around. Whatever it was, I did not pay attention to it, until after a few minutes when I heard the sound again- more intense and frantic this time. It was as if someone was trying to pull open the door  from outside. This made me abandon my chore and have a look at what was happening. I hastily put on my slippers and went in the direction of the sound.

The room which led to the back door was dark. I advanced to the switchboard and turned on the lights. Peering through the door’s mesh, I saw nothing but darkness of the falling night. It was all as still as should have been. Moreover, the door’s latch looked fine and properly secured. I stood there for a minute, perplexed. Unable to find out anything major, I turned back to return. Then out of the blue, the noises started again and I saw the door banging, the little back and forth I could go, unable to open because of the latch. I stood and stared curiously. There was nobody on the door, the wind was not at its play and still the door was pulsating intensely. The epicenter of this force seemed to originate from below, just near the right part of the door and it was getting frantic. I called onto my sister. “Come here fast, you gotta look at this!”

She came after a minute or two but the noises had died down by then. I had just finished describing the events to her when the whole thing started again. She too watched the sight in amazement. This was mixed with horror  when I solemnly said, “This can only be done by something .…”

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A mystery to unravel

Hear o hear! This is a news for OAH lovers!!

‘IT’S OVER AT HARGUN’S ‘ is back with its third episode(yay!) slated to be published this Sunday, the 16th of august.

For those who are not familiar with the event to be a ‘furious fan’, let me acquaint you.This is a series where we a chit-chat with fellow bloggers and get to know them more. Since these fellow bloggers belong to lands far and wide, technology is used to level the gap effectively and efficiently 🙂

Now, as is our custom, the details would not be disclosed straight,but I will put your ‘creative’ alma matter to test .

This time the mystery revolves around who the guest is- it is for you to solve it in style.Let’s see who cracks this riddle, especially crafted  to aid you in your quest to guess the name of the guest 😉

Here it goes:

I belong to that category of humans;

Who like to roam,

And take you to places at the comfort of your  home.

I’m a lens wielding entertainer,

Adept at seizing the latent beauty in the inanimate;

Now, if you don’t wanna lose this game,

Hurry and guess my name!

Good luck !

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#3. They found her

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A barefoot woman was breathlessly running on a deserted street in wee hours of the night. With sweat dripping from her forehead and her hair all disheveled, it looked as if she was running away from something gruesome, away from her death..

“Julia, do you believe in true love?”

His  words were ringing in her ears, torturing her.

“I love you Julia ,from the core of my heart. Would you marry me?”

She couldn’t bear to hear them. They were tearing her apart.

Panting and puffing, she kept running, despite her bleeding foot. But it was becoming difficult with each passing  second , still she couldn’t stop, lest they came after her again.

Suddenly, a blinding light from ahead filmed her eyes. She could hear a jeep coming her way. Was that Toby’s?  Without a second thought, She quickly hid behind the tree alongside the road. She couldn’t afford to caught by his men.

As the jeep passed by her, she got a glimpse of the person driving the jeep. Astonishingly, It was Billy! She felt elated at the newfound ray of hope. She came out from the hiding and  called out with all her might, frantically waving hands and signaling the driver to stop.

As Billy looked back from the the rear mirror, he got a shock of his life.

“Miss Julia?!”

He pulled the breaks in the muddle if the deserted road and jumped out of the jeep. He rushed towards her with a dozen questions in his mind.

“Are you all right? What are you doing here ?”

But before, he could get any answers, Julia fainted. She had already exhausted her last bit of energy on calling him out. Billy caught the falling maiden and put her safely into the jeep. Then he rushed straight to the hospital.

Zyed flied to the hospital as soon he got to know about Julia’s condition. He ran straight to the doctor to enquire about Julia but he didn’t get anything hopeful to hear. Her condition was stated  to be serious. She had already lost lot of blood and her body was not responding to the treatment.

She is still in a state of trauma. Whatever she had gone through has had a profound impact on her. She’s still unconscious. Let’s Hope for the best”  the doctor informed .

Dejected, Her father went in to her room. He saw her lying on the hospital bed unconscious. His heart bled to see her in such a state.
“Julia! My darling what have you done to yourself. My beautiful daughter doesn’t look good this way. Get up dear, daddy’s gonna take you home..” Zyed was crying. His only child-his lifeline was in danger. He could no longer bear to see  dearest part of his heart in pain. He wanted some answers. He wanted to grab that wretched person by the neck who tried to harm Julia and he knew precisely where to go.

“Keep a check on Julia until I come back, understood?” he instructed Billy.

“Yes sir, I will, but where are you going?” 

That’s none of your business. And I won’t tolerate any mistake, get it?” He gave him a menacing look and left.

Billy entered Julia’s room and sat on the sofa alongside the bed and picked up a newspaper lying nearby. He gave one look to Julia, who was still in her deep slumber. Satisfied, he buried Hus head into the newspaper.

Little did he know that everything was not the way it seemed. Julia was not well mentally. She was still in trauma and the flashbacks from the horrifying night were still torturing her in her sleep.

Toby was coming towards her, he was inching nearer with the bloodstained knife..he would kill her too..

“HELP! HELP!!” she started shouting .Billy was taken aback by the sudden screams and rushed towards her. “Miss Julia what is it? What happened?”

But there was no response. All he could do was to see her toss and turn in fright ,Horror marked on her brow. Immediately, he called for the doctor.

She saw him stained in blood approaching her. The knife, it was right there in his hand, and evil grin on his devilish face…

She screamed again,  ” Toby! No ! You love can you..

Billy was shocked. Toby??!

In the mean time, The doctors came in and gave Julia an injection to calm her down. Consequently, She went back to sleep.

But this episode put Billy in an uneasy state. He sat down bewildered and sank into deep thoughts.

“If it isn’t Hector..then all my plans are fowled! I CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN.. I will have to do something!”

Meanwhile, Zyed had reached his hideout. This was the same place where they had kept Hector. On seeing Zyed arrive, everyone was put on guard and the lock to Hector’s room was swiftly opened.

Hector was lying on the floor, stained in blood.

“What have you done with my daughter? Where did you keep her?” Zyed bellowed as he entered the room.He desperately wanted to know the truth.

There was no reply. Zyed repeated his question. Still there was no answer. Irritated, He picked up the water jug lying nearhand emptied it on Hector’s face.

Hector woke up with a start but was even more startled to see Zyed in front of him. He tried to get up and face him but he could not sit upright. Zyed pushed him up by the neck and roared again, “What have you done with her?”

Hector struggled to get some words out “I ..I did not do anything to her. Sh..e went with him…she told me she was going out with him..look out for that sinister..” Hector uttered with great difficulty, his wounds hurt as he spoke each word.

“Who? What are you talking about?”

“Toby..he..….He’s using her..savee  her from him…”

Zyed was shocked to hear this . “Tobias? Are you telling  the truth?!”

But Hector couldn’t say anything else. He had already fainted. Zyed ordered his men to give him some first aid so that at least he could come in a state of saying something.

But what Hector had disclosed put Zyed into a state of shock and concern. As farsighted and clever he was, he could understand what Tobias would want from Julia or indirectly from him. Tobias’ father was Zyed’s old enemy. Both of them were constantly at loggerheads and after the death of his father, Tibias had to handle the whole political game by himself. Zyed had a hint that Tobias’ party was downsizing. He needed funds to support himself in the upcoming elections.
Toby, on the other hand knew Zyed would never support him or his party. Hence, a big businessman’s gullible daughter would prove to be a perfect bait to get his hunt. All his property was ultimately Julia’s..

Zyed’s blood boiled to think of Toby using his daughter. He rushed back to the hospital. He had to solve this puzzle before it got out of hand. Julia had to speak up before it was too late.

To be continued..
Stay tuned for the next installment!

The night at the Decoy

It was a no moon that night, and amidst the eerie darkness and the howling winds, a beam of light  was seen dispelling the darkness.

It was Jiah, rushing home .

‘ Mum must be tensed, at least I should inform her that I’m on the way home’ she thought.

She stopped the scooter to call home. All of a sudden, she heard a faint cry, It sounded something familiar yet mysterious. Then she heard it again.

” No, it doesn’t sound like  a baby…it’s more like that of a big an ostrich or an emu..” She thought. She was amazed at the prospect of an ostrich at the mansion nearby, from which the sound seemed to emanate.

Lured to check it out, she started towards the gate of the mansion. She hadn’t seen such a huge and beautiful house all her life. As she was lost in the thoughts of the mansion and the cries, Suddenly, the gate slid open as if prompting her to enter.

” It’s the Wind, maybe.” Jiah thought.

The aura of the place seemed to beckon her. She stepped inside in a trance. Strong fragrance of roses hung in the air. Half consciously, she walked up to the front door. It was a huge wooden double door, intricately carved at the corners, with a mysterious knocker and a fascinating door handle.She especially liked the hand palm shaped door handle , open wide, reckoning her to hold it .
Then out of the blue, the sound came again, clear and distinct. But now the cry sounded more like that of a woman.She was pondering over this when the loud ringing of her phone broke her flow if thoughts. It was her tensed mother calling to inquire about her whereabout. Jiah, who was  till now smitten by the aura of the mansion, got back to square one where she had to get back home.

“Sorry mom, I’ll be home in a jiffy.” She replied hurriedly and hung up the call. She had just started back towards the gate, when the door cracked open and someone pulled Jiah inside.

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