What’s your take on this?

I have met people who like to portray themselves as very classy, wearing and talking brands, moving in high end circles, using English as a pretence of their status and carrying an air of superiority in front of others.

Well, most of the time, I’m least concerned with their behavior, but the following incidents prompted me to think if their behavior was really aligning with what they were trying to show themselves as?

Is their thinking actually classy? Read on and let me know what you think!

1. A day after Diwali

This family of three was bursting crackers with their little child. Apart from ignoring the issue of the worsening air quality, they were demonstrating something to their child I would not call as an example of ‘good parenting’.

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Is that lots of smoke?!

It was Sunday and I deliberately stayed tucked in bed, even though I was wide awake by eight. After the daily 6 am alarms, this was the only day I had the liberty and right to do so, but still I could not lie there peacefully, (courtesy- a buzzing mosquito who was too adamant to stay by my ear).Finally, I gave up and instead went out to greet the Sunday morning sun.

But things are not always as we want them to be and here to my surprise,I was greeted by mist blinding the view.That too In early November!IMG_20151109_143550~2

This site brought back the unpleasant memories of the previous days, when smog due to burning of paddy straw had engulfed the entire city. More so of that one horrible day when the smog reached its extreme and it was heart retching to see my hometown in such a state. The Sun too experienced quite a bit of an issue peeping through the thick layers of smog and the temperature of the city consequently dipped low.

That day I had taken out some mother-daughter time for shopping but could not enjoy the trip due sharp burning sensation in my eyes, which started suddenly on the way .I could not fathom the reason of behind this  until the next day when I read the newspaper. It reiterated the situation of the previous day and even divulged on its health consequences.  Here I got the precise reason for the burning and realised  that I was not the only sufferer. There were any more like me. Not just this, people also complained of respiratory issues, eye infections and irritations, sudden cough and viral due to the polluted air.

As I read further, I noticed the discomfort and anger the citizens had expressed. They had even urged the authorities to do something.

This made me pause and reflect. It was so easy to suggest the name of the government as a provider to the solution and as a solution to the issue itself and shirk off the responsibility.  Here, of course, the authorities should do something but won’t they be more charged up  if they feel there is equal or even greater  enthusiasm from our side to solve the issue?
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Save water from that WATER PURIFIER!

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Hargun. For quite some time, she had been observing how the taste of water was going a bit bitter at some people’s homes. ‘This is due to new and improved water filtration technology’ , she was told. Then one day she saw this new technology water filter at her grandma’s. Excited, she held a glass to have some water for herself. To her surprise, as her glass filled, some amount of water drained from a reject water pipe attached to the filter. Curious, she went up to her grandma and asked her about it. ‘This is how it works, darling. This water you see here, its waste water and unfit to drink.’,her grandma explained. Years passed ,and each time  she went over to her grandma’s, she would see a lot of ‘waste’ water going down the drain. Unable to bear this sheer wastage of water, she talked to her grandma about it. By this time, her grandma too was troubled by the large quantities of water being discarded. So, a solution was thought up. The wise granny would let the pipe drain into a utensil instead of the sink. The water thus collected was  used for watering plants or cleaning purposes. Still, they were unable to save whole of it, her grandma being the only lady managing the household while others were caught up in the mad race against time. Now Fast forward  to the year ‘2015’.
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What a song!

Some songs never leave to amaze me or to make me dislike them. Why so,you may ask.  I’ll say, read on.

Recently a song –Chitttian Kalaiyan, well ,I’m totally in love with the beats,but the lyrics,I wish they were a bit better. What I don’t like is the female crooning to her BF to buy her things, she constantly pleads the same line after line. ‘Man ja ve,menu shopping krade-requestan paiyan ve’

I think nowadays most women earn a respectable livelihood. Atleast I have a self respect which doesn’t allow me to plead this way or take something for free from anyone.

Then the songs which openly urge the youngsters to drink, hearing them it seems that drinking and taking drugs is something quiet acceptable,as if it’s a right thing to do. These type of songs, how good they may be at the music front-can never enter my playlist.

And in This song-‘Gandi baat’, the boy openly says to the girl that since she didn’t accept him politely, now he’ll rape her. Read More

Living in a neighborhood

Living here cannot be defined in a few words . You would be shocked(maybe) and amazed(definitely!)when you read more about my crazy neighborhood!

.Just recently, one of my neighbors had collected some garbage outside their house to burn. Well, what shocked me was how they did it. This lady collected all the garbage, came over to our newly constructed ramp, threw it over there and set it on fire!! I think, while trying to keep their house clean, these type of people just loose the respect we have for them.

And the other day, one of the families here had a wedding function at their home and hence music was blaring since 6 pm. The irony was that I had my exam the very next day. But I took it sportingly. I did not complain or crib. I simply focused on my work. And guess what? the peppy dance numbers these guys were playing out loud later proved to be really energizing and refreshing for my tired mind.That was beacause, I was dancing to the rocking tunes in my study breaks! 😛

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I totally hate these baseless comparisons.

“Have you seen how good he’s at it? WHY CAN’T you be like that?”

Oh god..! There must be many more versions of saying that …but you get the idea, don’t you? Why do people compare someone with others. Its simply not done, because we all are unique; something just us, which nobody can copy or possess.So why say this to any innocent child? What I have seen in my life is that sometimes people are never satisfied with the gifts god has graced upon them. My aunt ,whenever I meet her, says the same (of course in a different version) to her all rounder  daughter .What really saddened me once was her reaction to a hard-earned achievement I shared with her. Instead of congratulating me, she was like-‘Why don’t you make her like you. Teach her something!’ Here, I just hope that my cousin doesn’t start harboring hate for me resulting from constant reminders from her parents.

I agree that sometimes these comparisons are needed to motivate, but yes, they should be limited to that, to the extent it’s are harmless. But constantly subjecting someone to this could lead he/she harboring feelings like jealousy ,hatred and on top of it- lowered self esteem. Read More