What’s your take on this?

I have met people who like to portray themselves as very classy, wearing and talking brands, moving in high end circles, using English as a pretence of their status and carrying an air of superiority in front of others.

Well, most of the time, I’m least concerned with their behavior, but the following incidents prompted me to think if their behavior was really aligning with what they were trying to show themselves as?

Is their thinking actually classy? Read on and let me know what you think!

1. A day after Diwali

This family of three was bursting crackers with their little child. Apart from ignoring the issue of the worsening air quality, they were demonstrating something to their child I would not call as an example of ‘good parenting’.

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Through my lens-39

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Hi! Welcome to this photography series.

I love to explore beauty in my surroundings and click some shots close to nature, close to me. There is beauty in everything, all we need to do is look. Following this outlook, I bring to you some pictures purely raw and aesthetic in this series.

Come, accompany me on this quest and see the world, through my lens.


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On the moon

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers


Here I am, once again painting my imagination, taking another pillow cover down.

Drying Paints, old and worn brushes and my hands stained with colors.. well, this combination can lead to quite surprising outcomes.

While painting this one, perfecting the girl came as a challenge I enjoyed completing. While capturing the essence of the Mysticism, I portrayed a relaxed dreamy night.

The girl is looking at the vast sky, gazing at the magnificent moon and twinkling stars, relaxing and realizing how one is just a small dot in the enormous universe. Moon has been a patient friend to all of us sometime or the other. And the best part is that wherever you are, on this big earth, you will always have the same old buddy acompanying you at night, illuminating the world with its white glow.

I hope you liked the piece of art. Don’t forget to share your views with me.

I Wish all my readers a blissful new year! Have a great year ahead 😊

The memorable last day-II

74 students, one Auditorium, no trainer and lights out. Somebody falls and rolls down upto the stage.A painful wail is heard.Scroll below to find out what happens next.You can read the first part here.


Let me rewind the sudden loud thud and someone rolling down towards the stage, in slow motion. The turn of events for that restless multitude bumping into each other could not have led to anything different. It was romantic Ruchi and jolly Jyoti who first collided and then in the hurry to stabilize herself, Ruchi stepped on someone’s feet, and as she moved a bit trying to find space in the dim light, her feet got tangled with the wires alongside the wall and she fell backwards. Fortunately, Arvinder caught her in time. But then, sarcastic Saksham standing just behind her lost his balance and slipped. This time, Shivam came to his buddy’s rescue. It could have been a ‘dil mein ladoo phuta’ moment as in a Cadbury shots Advertisement for many onlookers, but the horror filled in the air had frozen everyone’s thinking ability beyond getting out of there safely.

Thus, after so many fails, it was only Vasudha from Mumbai who could succeed in falling straight on the carpeted floor. We were very surprised to see her lying down as if she was resting on her bed!

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The memorable last day

It was 10 AM sharp. It was the last and the 15th day of the Management and Communication skill (MCS)class. A crowd stood at the entrance, waiting to sign their attendance sheet. Getting one’s signatures on this sheet was a no less than a victory, because the attendance could not be marked even a minute after 10.

There was a certain level of excitement and joy that filled the air today. Being a mandatory training course, some of us were really delighted that it was finally the last day.  Many like Shreya were happy that they would not be  made to get up in the chilly winter mornings from the next day onwards, while others were happy that the day would mark the end of their woes of not getting an off to go back to their home towns.

We were a huge batch of 74, with people coming from far and wide.We were really a remarkable blend of diverse backgrounds and personalities.To add to this great mix, there was a Deepak from Nepal, Komal from Dehra, Vasudha from Mumbai, and rest were from different cities of Punjab.

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Opening The Memories Box

Hi folks!

It’s been a while since I penned down anything, maybe that was what prompted me to go through some old writings by me. As I was surfing through some files, I came across this article I had written for my school magazine. The weird part is that I was laughing reading my own article!

Journey Land Welcome Sign

It took me back  to the day school magazine was distributed. The day everyone was going to read it.I knew I was also going to be taken down by my group of girls soon, especially when they would discover and read this article, partly because of its heading  and partly because I had not told them anything about it at all- from writing it to its publication.

My premonition had gone true when I saw those evil grins on their faces and heard them chanting the article’s heading on seeing me approach in the lunch break. The fact they were singing it out loud outside the main staff room’s door was not a deterrent for them at all. They continued loud and clear, the song being interrupted ocassionally by bursts of laughter. What deterred them  was the fact that this little gig did not have the desired effect on me – I had not been effected at all by their teasing and had gladly joined them in the singing! Knowing them well, I had mentally prepared myself for something like that beforehand 😛

Here’s goes the article, which has also made me end the break I had taken from WP these past two months!(How time flies by..I can’t believe its been that long):

He’s always on facebook!

‘Mere pas paisa hai, daulat hai, shaurat hai…. Tumhare pas kya hai?!’

‘Mere pas facebook account hai!!’

Wait, was that twitter?…or no, it was Orkut or My space ….its endless! But he’s surely on one or another social network- DAY and NIGHT!

Be it pre teens, teenagers, adults or even senior citizens, everyone’s found a refuge here. Yes, Social networking is way to go! Elderly people have found their new pastime, Politicians have found a new platform to canvass for their parties, Artists, actors and all those blossoming buds disseminate their work beyond the confines of their galleries or stage.

And how can we forget our student community. Leave aside all the chores and the ‘mind boggling’ task of studying, (which has been merely reduced to a status update like, ‘Stu-DYING….SAVE ME!’ ) It’s the new glamorous photo that has to be posted online or that new designer dress or that place you recently visited…

Well, this is a platform to showcase talent, to advertise oneself, to knit with strangers or campaign for one’s ideas by simply blogging it or making their own web pages.

In all this, the new trend ‘VIRTUAL WAR OF WORDS’ is something one can actually relish. The entire wrath against one another becomes confined to status updates wherein one can rebuke to the heart’s desire!! Surely, a gold mine of an idea for peace and quiet has been found!

This social networking has a negative aspect as well. ‘Showing off’ is the lifeline of these sites. Moreover, degrading a person through social media is another aspect which can leave the victim psychologically tortured. Fake accounts, copying of photos, objectionable comments are something very common. And, the addictiveness to such sites is a disease without a cure!

Studies have shown that lack of face to face socialization is turning into a considerable problem for those who have locked themselves inside the anonymity of their computers. Indeed, studies have shown people to become significantly stressed, depressed and lonely with each hour spent in the obscure world of internet chatting.

To put the lid on, in this era of fb mania, the phrase, ‘I can give up anything for you!’ has become outdated. The latest one to keep in mind is, ‘I can give up my FACEBOOK ACCOUNT for you!’






That was it folks..but I think the facebook craze which was a new in-thing at that time, has still not lost its lusture. He is always on facebook even now! 😛

Through my Lens-38

Hi there!

Welcome back to TML, a series where I share the world in photographs-some stories nature shares with us everyday, all we need to do is look.

As I type this post, I hear a sudden rumbling sound and my attention diverts from the laptop screen to the window beside me. The blazing hot sunrays are being replaced by a dimmer sunlight, caused by the clouds overshadowing the sun. The weather has been quite trecherous these past days, you would never know when it would start to rain.

And when you thought the rain had stopped and took a chance venturing out, a sudden downpour would drench you. When it was raining heavily in the morning and you thought you got a great reason to go a bit late to office, you would come to know that it was raining only in your area! So there were no flooded roads, no water to drench you and give you reason to stay back after all.

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Through my lens-37

Hi there!

Welcome to TML, a series where I share the world in photographs-some stories nature shares with us everyday, all we need to do is look.

Here goes this week’s picture:

This picture announces the impending…did you notice?
Be prepared to revisit ‘it’ with a series of picture on the theme, starting with TML-37.

Hope you will enjoy the upcoming detailed and beautiful encounter of nature, with itself.

Hope you will enjoy, The rains!

Delving into ‘Happiness’

“Happiness is … ”

IBMC #10, called ‘The Happiness Challenge‘ asked me to complete the sentence and grow it, keeping it to a maximum of five hundred words or less. For me, it was really introspective to delve into what constitutes happiness and what I jotted down that day is given below:

Happiness is like a rainbow; it has various shades, all at the same time, yet so beautiful.

Happiness is in that pure melody that rings in your ears, goes down to your stomach and spreads on your face like a glow.

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Learning along the way..

This post is in response to Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #09 called ‘The Be A Baby Challenge‘. The task was to see something with a fresh new perspective, and explore this new perception and dimension with engaging thoughts.

How better can it be than to see it from the eyes of a child itself?

Read on to get a peep into the psyche of a little girl in her preschooling years and how she sees the world through her innocent eyes.It is interesting how a child as young, analyses the ways of society and forms her own opinions, while asking some fundamental questions. The unbiased, unmalinged perspective she has while exploring the world around her is an asset only a child can have.Follow her below: Read More