Delving into ‘Happiness’

“Happiness is … ”

IBMC #10, called ‘The Happiness Challenge‘ asked me to complete the sentence and grow it, keeping it to a maximum of five hundred words or less. For me, it was really introspective to delve into what constitutes happiness and what I jotted down that day is given below:

Happiness is like a rainbow; it has various shades, all at the same time, yet so beautiful.

Happiness is in that pure melody that rings in your ears, goes down to your stomach and spreads on your face like a glow.

Happiness is in spreading smiles, not just by doing something for someone, but many a times by not doing something as well. How? Remember the last time you chose not to complain, to ignore certain things or tried to understand the other person’s situation than venting out anger-you prevented speading of negativity and thus happiness!

Happiness is when we can share it with people and multiply it. Celebrate in lonliness and you will see it defalting as fast as a balloon does.

Sometimes we try to remain happy, we make consistent efforts to stay positive, leaving back the negativity.This is maturity; the ability to keep a positive attitude. This in turn leads to happiness, but it cannot make us laugh or feel real good, I have realized, especially when one is sad inside. We just try to cut out the factors which we do not like. Real happiness(and not which we instruct to our minds) will come back when there would be someone with us and we could share my thoughts, feelings, ideas or whatever troubles us with them.

You just might feel staying alone gives happiness, and it just might, momentarily. But at some point, you will realise the importance of having someone, anyone to talk to. And sometimes, we have to take charge if it! Go out and talk with your mom, dad, sibling, grandparents, anyone-save, make, grow your relationships!

Hence, even after every obstacle, when you will embrace life as it comes, It is then there would be happiness – with all its shades and bright colors, just like a rainbow.

Author’s note: For me, completing this challenge is also a moment of happiness-For happiness lies in every small joy too! Here goes the final completion logo:


Mission Successful!




  1. Josh Gross | The Jaguar · September 3, 2016

    Great post, Hargun! I especially like how you mentioned that happiness is sometimes about not doing something. In this case, choosing not to spread negativity. I hope you’re still feeling happy! 😊

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    • Hargun Wahi · September 3, 2016

      Thank you so much Josh. I’m glad you could connect with what I wanted to say.
      I wish the same for you… Happy blogging☺
      Keep smiling!

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  2. Prakash Hegade · September 3, 2016

    I was really happy to read each and every thought described on happiness. The correlation to rainbow is what I liked the most. 🙂

    Togetherness always beats the loneliness. May be that’s why we are called social animals. It was a happy read..:-)

    Thank you so much for taking up the IBMC and completing it with so much Zeal. All of the ten challenges have found a new meaning with your perspectives added to them. You can use the final IBMC logo of completion.

    I have updated the challengers list here:

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    • Hargun Wahi · September 3, 2016

      I’m happy to know the post could itself spread happiness too! Glad you enjoyed reading it.
      I almost wrote this line, ‘Man is a social animal after all!’ So yes, its exactly like that.
      I enjoyed doing IBMC-from planning to posting, its been more than half a month! 😛 Thanks a lot for the opportunity and taking active interest in the posts too 🙂
      I’ll check the updation right away 🙂

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  3. saket kalikar · September 3, 2016

    Appreciate it. You have worded very nicely your views on forgivance and relationships being the source of happiness……
    Though, I have always felt that relationships come a third….after health and money as source of happiness. Okay, but that’s just my opinion.

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    • Hargun Wahi · September 3, 2016

      Happiness is a relative term, what is one’s perception of it at a point of time depends on mood, age or surrounding environment. What I write at one point of time can vary with another.Glad you appreciate my views here.

      Ofcourse, yes. Health is the priority. Poor health, however mild it might be sucks the positivity surely. And Money is essential to maintain a decent standard of living. I absolutely agree they count too! Though the priority ranking between each factor would vary with everyone.

      Thanks a lot for sharing yoir views too! Glad to discuss on this 🙂


  4. Maitreni Mishra · September 5, 2016

    Wow! What beautiful highlights on happiness, I am really impressed with your thought-process dear. And especially your connection with rainbow is amazing!

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    • Hargun Wahi · September 5, 2016

      Thank you so much Maitreni. I’m glad to get your feedback on this and Pleased to know you liked it!
      Keep smiling and happy blogging!💐


  5. Somali K Chakrabarti · September 18, 2016

    Lovely write-up Hargun. Your take on Happiness is bound to bring a happy smile on the reader’s face! 🙂

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  6. Upen Reddy · October 24, 2016

    Loved the way you weaved words here..

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  7. Faraday's Candle · March 20, 2017

    Great post.
    Happiness can be a serendipitous moment but also something you work at.

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    • Hargun Wahi · March 20, 2017

      True that. I find this quote synonymous to what you said about working on it- Always find a reason to smile.. It can add life to your years, if not years to your life 🙂
      I’m glad you liked the Post. Thanks!

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