An uninvited visitor

1. The strange sound

The sun had set already and I was  in my room doing my evening prayers. Suddenly, I heard  the back door, which was fastened, banging. At first, I ignored it thinking it must the wind crashing against the door, making its latch go back and forth or maybe it was my little sister fooling around. Whatever it was, I did not pay attention to it, until after a few minutes when I heard the sound again- more intense and frantic this time. It was as if someone was trying to pull open the door  from outside. This made me abandon my chore and have a look at what was happening. I hastily put on my slippers and went in the direction of the sound.

The room which led to the back door was dark. I advanced to the switchboard and turned on the lights. Peering through the door’s mesh, I saw nothing but darkness of the falling night. It was all as still as should have been. Moreover, the door’s latch looked fine and properly secured. I stood there for a minute, perplexed. Unable to find out anything major, I turned back to return. Then out of the blue, the noises started again and I saw the door banging, the little back and forth I could go, unable to open because of the latch. I stood and stared curiously. There was nobody on the door, the wind was not at its play and still the door was pulsating intensely. The epicenter of this force seemed to originate from below, just near the right part of the door and it was getting frantic. I called onto my sister. “Come here fast, you gotta look at this!”

She came after a minute or two but the noises had died down by then. I had just finished describing the events to her when the whole thing started again. She too watched the sight in amazement. This was mixed with horror  when I solemnly said, “This can only be done by something .…”

She tugged  to my hand on hearing this and left  in a jiffy the next moment without even letting me complete. she ran straight to our parent’s room to announce the breaking news. Soon the whole house knew about the events, though they were more skeptical at that bit of news than believing it. Nonetheless, my grandpa and dad went to inspect the sight, accompanied by us. Our hearts raced fast when the latch was opened and as they were about to step out, my sister chickened out and ran out of the room , shutting the door behind us, very tightly. She was scared and did not want to face anything unknown and dark. I stood there, though it flashed my mind that maybe I should accompany her, but I wanted to see the mystery being solved. So I stayed there, watching. Though, I did not go outside, I saw them searching for anything suspicious  and then finally not finding anything. They  came inside and looked at me with a smirk.I understood what was to come- nothing was found  and we were the ‘stupid ones’ imagining stuff. My sister backed out first, saying it was ‘Didi'(elder sister) who had said there was a ghost over there, giving herself a clean-chit from the matter. Now, this was wrong majorly on two grounds:

  1. I never  used the word ‘ghost’
  2. I was definitely not making things up, because my sister had seen it too!

This was not fair and I was not letting it go just like that. I went to the sight, opened  that door ,went out and metamorphosed into my detective Hargun avatar. On  inspecting the sight carefully, I noticed wood shavings lying just near the door on the right, the same place which seemed the epicenter to me when I noticed the force first. I fetched the others enthusiastically,  and showed them the proof in support of my statement. I made them look at the extreme lower part of the door too, which substantiated from where the scrapings had come from. There were big scratches there,  and now it was all evident. This time nobody could mock me or say I was making things up. “There was something that did this in its attempt to open the door or whatever, but there was something!” I excalimed.After that, we all went back to our chores, bemused.

That night, this ‘something’ went berserk, leaving me devoid of any peaceful sleep.There were noises from the inside the cooler outside my room’s window(which looked out to the back door area), followed by the clinking of the vessel kept outside and then the scratching on the door, repeating themselves in a row.This ‘something’ was jumping and scurrying around like mad. I had formed an idea what it was precisely in that whole time , which was confirmed the next morning when a giant rat,  was sighted. It had a big, fat belly and could surely  put any normal mouse to shame!(though by this time, I had only heard about its enormousness)

Thus, the mystery to this ‘Paranormal-something’  solved, we remained careful not to leave the door open lest the menacing rodent entered the house.

2. The wrath at both sides

In the upcoming days, we were all very careful with the stuff we kept outside, many things were brought in and every  person unfamiliar with the situation was instructed not to leave the door open. The scampering and sprinting continued for days and I could sense the violence and anger in those movements. They were fast and well, furious. It was clear this rodent meant damage and I was not wrong this time too.

The second attempt to damage our stuff(after that scraping of the door’s wood)was carried out on that fateful day I talked about before. I was at the office when I got a got a call from home. It was my sister in a ‘IT’S A BREAKING NEWS’ tone. She blurted out all the atrocities that had been done on my tender  little money plant, to which I had been lovingly tending towards life since a few months. I used to water it daily, keep it in sunshine and regularly turn the soil apart from nourishing it with natural fertilizers. It had almost become a pet, whom I really cared for. Its had only recently shown real signs of revival, with new leaves sprouting on it. So naturally, I was taken aback to know what had happened to my dear plant-  how the sand had been thrown all over after biting into, uprooting and chewing the leaves. The scoundrel! Which rat bites onto the leaves and pulls them apart from the stem?! Ah yes, the rats who can scrape off wood from doors can do that and how cruelly! It made sure there was no chance of planting it back or nurse it back to life again.

When I reached home, I went straight to see my plant, but my grandma had already cleared the mess this rodent had created and the soil had been put back into the plastic container and the remains of my plant thrown away. I was a mix of angry, sad and hurt. I could not do a thing about them- nor my plant not the rodent. Did I tell you it was too smart for the rat-trap or the rat-kill medicines?

The next morning, I got a chance to see this evil rat . I must admit I had never seen such an enormous rodent all my life, largest and fattest. I saw it running into the air cooler through its vents and how this fatty passed through its narrow grill is still a mystery . But for the days it stayed at our home, this cooler had become its abode. Attempts  to get rid of it were made in the coming days, but the most totally successful one was my grandma’s attack on it.

It was a sunny day, the sun brightly shining overhead and birds chirping their morning song. In this lovely weather, What was this hubbub? I could hear my grandma’s voice and a lot of ruckus going on. I went to have a look and was astonished beyond words to see the sight. But after the initial shock, I was highly amused. I stood watching from the same mesh, the happenings outside the back door. It had so happened that the rat, in an ominous hour had crossed my grandma’s path, and had hence invited his doom. On seeing the rodent, She had picked up the broom lying nearby, and given it a wild chase.(Don’t worry, there was not a lot of space my grandma in her seventies had to cover). It was a literal tom and jerry chase, with the rat leading and my grandma giving it a hard time with some occasional trashing , to be precise, ‘her successful hits’ with the broom. It ran for cover into the air cooler but in vain, because the super-granny’s broom followed it everywhere. She kicked and jerked the cooler with all her might. The poor Rat had to finally abandon its abode and hunt for a cover at a better place.  Though the rat, vanished unharmed in the end just like ‘Jerry’ in a Tom and Jerry tale.But it could not come back to trouble tom again the next day, because my super-granny gave the rodent  the scare of his life. Luckily, we did not see it after that at the back area. I do not know where it hid that day and where did it go, but we were satisfied that we would not hear from it in the days to come. “Gone for good!” We exclaimed in unison.

But the rat, with his belongings’ on his shoul20140619_ratatouille60_1der , looked back and squeaked before leaving, “It’s not the ending my dears …its the dawn of a new episode. Buwahaaaha!”

And we did not hear his evil laugh until ….

-Rush to the finale!



  1. Rangelz · December 25, 2015

    The rat must have been really huge! Be careful. If they enter your house, you’ll have the time of your lives.

    Btw, you really kept me hooked until the end. I was expecting a bird, cat or a dog though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hargun Wahi · December 25, 2015

      Yeah, it was huge. And I say, don’t miss the next and final installment. You’ll get many answers there 😉

      Also, I’m glad you read it all till the end. Thank you for being such a reader 😉
      And a cat, it could have been, but no bird could have done such a thing. The part where scratches were, was just at the surface. It would have been too low for its beak. And a dog could not reach our back area.
      But as it was, it was a rat in the end!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rakesh Pandey · December 25, 2015

    Hahahah! I can imagine what you must have gone through, Hargun! 😀

    It’s true that the human mind goes through an entire movie when it sees something inexplicable. It must indeed be thrilling. A beautiful narrative!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hargun Wahi · December 26, 2015

      Yeah, that’s exactly what happens. I’m glad you could get the gist of it.
      Its great you enjoyed reading the narrative. Stay tuned for the next part!
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. trablogger · January 1, 2016

    Glad you have a strong heart 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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