Opening The Memories Box

Hi folks!

It’s been a while since I penned down anything, maybe that was what prompted me to go through some old writings by me. As I was surfing through some files, I came across this article I had written for my school magazine. The weird part is that I was laughing reading my own article!

Journey Land Welcome Sign

It took me back  to the day school magazine was distributed. The day everyone was going to read it.I knew I was also going to be taken down by my group of girls soon, especially when they would discover and read this article, partly because of its heading  and partly because I had not told them anything about it at all- from writing it to its publication.

My premonition had gone true when I saw those evil grins on their faces and heard them chanting the article’s heading on seeing me approach in the lunch break. The fact they were singing it out loud outside the main staff room’s door was not a deterrent for them at all. They continued loud and clear, the song being interrupted ocassionally by bursts of laughter. What deterred them  was the fact that this little gig did not have the desired effect on me – I had not been effected at all by their teasing and had gladly joined them in the singing! Knowing them well, I had mentally prepared myself for something like that beforehand 😛

Here’s goes the article, which has also made me end the break I had taken from WP these past two months!(How time flies by..I can’t believe its been that long):

He’s always on facebook!

‘Mere pas paisa hai, daulat hai, shaurat hai…. Tumhare pas kya hai?!’

‘Mere pas facebook account hai!!’

Wait, was that twitter?…or no, it was Orkut or My space ….its endless! But he’s surely on one or another social network- DAY and NIGHT!

Be it pre teens, teenagers, adults or even senior citizens, everyone’s found a refuge here. Yes, Social networking is way to go! Elderly people have found their new pastime, Politicians have found a new platform to canvass for their parties, Artists, actors and all those blossoming buds disseminate their work beyond the confines of their galleries or stage.

And how can we forget our student community. Leave aside all the chores and the ‘mind boggling’ task of studying, (which has been merely reduced to a status update like, ‘Stu-DYING….SAVE ME!’ ) It’s the new glamorous photo that has to be posted online or that new designer dress or that place you recently visited…

Well, this is a platform to showcase talent, to advertise oneself, to knit with strangers or campaign for one’s ideas by simply blogging it or making their own web pages.

In all this, the new trend ‘VIRTUAL WAR OF WORDS’ is something one can actually relish. The entire wrath against one another becomes confined to status updates wherein one can rebuke to the heart’s desire!! Surely, a gold mine of an idea for peace and quiet has been found!

This social networking has a negative aspect as well. ‘Showing off’ is the lifeline of these sites. Moreover, degrading a person through social media is another aspect which can leave the victim psychologically tortured. Fake accounts, copying of photos, objectionable comments are something very common. And, the addictiveness to such sites is a disease without a cure!

Studies have shown that lack of face to face socialization is turning into a considerable problem for those who have locked themselves inside the anonymity of their computers. Indeed, studies have shown people to become significantly stressed, depressed and lonely with each hour spent in the obscure world of internet chatting.

To put the lid on, in this era of fb mania, the phrase, ‘I can give up anything for you!’ has become outdated. The latest one to keep in mind is, ‘I can give up my FACEBOOK ACCOUNT for you!’






That was it folks..but I think the facebook craze which was a new in-thing at that time, has still not lost its lusture. He is always on facebook even now! 😛


Freezing a foto


This is Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #02 called ‘Freeze a foto’ and I’m game!

For this challenge, I need to pick up a photograph and describe the memories associated with it. The length of the description can be wisely decided. (I simply love this line- no more word limits, just my wise decisions! 😈)

Okay, Freezing a photograph…well, that should be easy, the only challenge here is to zero in on a photograph!

After a lot of searching, shortlisting, deciding, again rejecting and then finally settling on one (phew!), I present the following ‘foto’ and memories of it in my own hand:

Hope that took you back to your own memories lane…

So, the task is done and here goes the completion logo. Yay!

A photograph has been freezed!


They called me,
And surprisingly, I heard.
This time, I took a firm decision,
brought out those drying paints,
And let my brushes run loose, without any thought on how I’ll do it and the detailing.
No standards of perfection, no rough sketches, just an idea and this pillow cover as my canvas. And I let imagination take the front seat.
I knew there was no coming back once the colours touched the cloth, no corrections, only the final picture. But this time, I seriously didn’t care.



I stitched some pillow covers in August last year, with a desire to paint them. But never got time to sit back, relax, and do what I wanted to with a calm mind, without any stress of other tasks waiting to be done; some jobs life had tangled me in.  And see, I never got that break until I fell ill previous week.
I’m surprised and saddened when I reflect on how I wished for illness in the back of my mind so that I could take a holiday from this rut of life without feeling guilty. And when I was kind of bedridden this Monday, after a sleepless night the previous day, I  recalled those paints lying in the drawers. It was time I painted again.
I’m amused to think its becoming  a tradition – it’s the second time I started painting when I was idle owing to illness. Previously, I painted these Canvas shoes.
And this pillow cover had been waiting for long. The basic designing had already been decided and drawn, only the paints and brushes were missing from the scene since September.

But now, I have decided not to let it happen again. I have to accept this fast paced life, accept the things I can’t get out of now and interject things I want to do in this packed routine.

So,This was what a past Hargun wanted to do, and I filled colours in it. There’s something the present Hargun wants to do..and I hope it will be done soon 🙂

Happy new year!

Here comes a new year, knocking at our doorstep bringing with it renewed hopes , renewed efforts and a whole new zeal to face life -heads on!

And here I am, still wondering why this day is different from any other..won’t it be the same sun, same people and same jobs again. I guess its our mentality and outlook which would change – towards the better .

We see this day as an end with a new beginning. We make new plans, take many new resolutions and are full of energy and hope to make it big this time. And its great too, there should be an end, where we can reflect on our past and make plans for the future, alter our strategies and make many new ones to make our life more fruitful. So  while I catch up with my much needed ‘Me’ time and reflect on my year 2015, you enjoy this little present I have captured for you 🙂

IMG_20151230_123528I started this blogging journey in December last year, it has been full of adventures. I learnt to deal with life in a better way , to trust myself and my abilities and did stuff I never thought I would!

Thank you my readers, my many dear friends over here for your constant support. You all have a big hand in making this journey of mine more fruitful and I  really respect you all for that. That picture above is for each one of you 🙂

But wait, there’s more –  for some people who left their mark while accompanying me in living my dream.

Surprise surprise!

Surprise surprise!

If you missed being the first five by a minuscule amount, then don’t fear – the comment box is down there. You are still in the race , if you see your name in the comments below 😉

An uninvited visitor (Finale)

Story so far: One late evening, I heard frantic  banging on the back door, which intensified with each passing minute. As I went over to investigate, I found that neither was anybody at the door nor the wind was at its play, but Still the door was eerily banging. Highly intigued, I yelled to my sister to have a look. Her expression was a mix of fright and shock at the sight of pulsating bolted door with nothing human in sight to cause it. Soon the whole house knew of the ‘paranormal’ events though they could not find anything on investigating the sight. But detective Hargun discovered some wood scrapings on the floor along with big scratches on the lower end of the door and henceforth the presence of a ‘giant rat’ was discovered in the back area than any agitated ghost. It was the fattest and the largest rat we had ever seen in our lives and was as mean as it could get. But soon, its atrocities had to end as super granny was there to save the day. She gave it a scare of his life with her broom and we finally got rid of it (or we thought so).

Read the full first part with its twists and turns here.

Catch up with the rest of the story below:

3. Welcome back?

Weeks passed and Mr Rat did not show up again in the back area. Life got as peaceful and normal as before. Soon, the summer intensified and we felt the need to switch on the air coolers to beat the heat. So, the cooler outside my window, which was the rat’s abode some time back, was cleaned and filled with water. After all the hard work, we switched it on only to find that it had stopped working. On looking into the matter, we came to know the cables to the motor had been bitten and cut off from it. Great! Here was Mr Rat’s another escapade. Bearing the brunt of Mr rat’s gift coupled with the summer heat for whole three days, we finally found an electrician who had the time to come over and do the necessary mending.

“Okay, now it’s over- once and for all” I thought happily but maybe too soon.

A few days later, I woke up late one night to drink water. As I proceeded groggily towards the kitchen, I heard a strange sound from the room adjacent to mine, which was supposed to be empty. Peering into the room, I saw something on the bed. From the bit of light that was coming into the room, I could see this ‘something’ scurry under the clothes kept on the bed. I knew what this something was! Mr Rat was back again and inside the house this time. I turned back and shut all the doors in sight in a jiffy. This rident could not be allowed it to roam in the house next!

The following day, I broke the news to my family. My grandpa also recounted having sighted a Rat dashing out of the house from the Exhaust fan opening in the kitchen wall. “Aha! So that was from where Mr rat had entered the house after failing in its attempt to enter through the back door!” So,The evil giant rat had entered our house of all things, what was going to happen next?!

Luckily this time, Mr rat was more than happy being inside the house. And mind you, contrary to our fears, it acted with courtesy and in a well behaved fashion. Of course, If we ignore that one incident where it jumped onto the feet of our maid as she was washing the utensils at the sink. Now, Don’t ask how she shrieked and jumped on to the kitchen stool kept nearby!

But anyways, that was the only faux pas the rodent committed. At all times, it remained careful not to invite wrath of anyone in the house. It had its own activities to kill time and  the cabinet under the kitchen sink  had become its favorite hangout. Why, the kitchen dustbin was kept here. Now my only sightings of the rodent were when it scampered from the room adjacent to mine to the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Also, its monsterization had been cured to a great extent. The reason? I think it was the delicious food it was getting to gorge on each day. With the stomach full, there was no more destruction from its side. It was living a peaceful life, roaming in each and every room. (I hope you remember how it was immune to the rat-traps and rat-kill medicines) Until one day, when it entered our drawing room. It so happened that I went there to get something, and heard some scampering noise from beneath the table. I could sense the room was already occupied and since I could not tolerate Mr Rat as my room-mate, super Granny was alerted. She immediately reached the sight and asked for her master weapon – the broom.  The same was fetched and delivered by my younger sister, playing her sidekick. The operation started by shutting all the adjacent rooms tightly, lest it ran into them for cover. Next, super granny entered the operation area armed with her broom while her sidekick waiting outside, watching the action through the glass.Surprisingly, the drawing room’s door was also shut firmly from outside after granny entered it. (Yes, sidekicks too, can get goosebumps by seeing rats near them  😛 )

In all this while, I was patiently sitting in the granny’s room, taking advantage of the abandoned TV. In between, I could hear my sister’s excited cheering for grandma or feverous disclosing of the rat’s hideout. After some time, I too went to have a look and the events were same as before. My Super Grandma, the giant rat and the powerful broom – all circling around the table,engrossed in a mad chase. The rat dashed beneath the table, followed by the powerful-broom.Next it hid under the chair but in vain and then sprinted to the wooden cabinet at one end of the room to save itself. Finally, The rat took advantage of its climbing skills and scaled the window’s curtain up to the rod used to hang them. On seeing it flee, My grandma hit the broom on the curtain. The rodent jumped in fright from it to the next rod, on which hung the door’s curtains. And as it was, the grandma’s broom was not able to reach up to the rod and the thumping the curtains were not having any effect, for the rat had too understood by this time that he had outsmarted the super granny. It sat in triumph at its place. So Grandma had to leave the battle field and the rat was left to rest. I wondered in the meantime, would the rat leave our home now like it did previously? This was an uncertinity because the window it used to transport from inside the house to the outside(for some fresh air, I guess) had been closed by putting a mesh over the grilled enclosure it had in place before. (This time, a carpenter had to be called to make a wooden frame for the opening)But anyways, the smart rat had his own ways to escape the granny, because we did not see it again inside the house. Hence, the super granny was adjudged the winner once again.

So, that was the tale of a tailed rodent who gave us a tough time but also got a good spanking in return.

“Didi! Didi*!!” I can hear my sister calling as I type.

“What’s it?”, I answer back.

“There’s a rat on the roof!”, My sister with her friend from neighborhood chant in unison,”We saw it scurrying from behind the pots  down into the duct.”

“Oh god, did I finish this memoir too soon..?” I sigh, closing the laptop’s flap. I seriously hope its the end!

*used for elder sister in Hindi

An uninvited visitor

1. The strange sound

The sun had set already and I was  in my room doing my evening prayers. Suddenly, I heard  the back door, which was fastened, banging. At first, I ignored it thinking it must the wind crashing against the door, making its latch go back and forth or maybe it was my little sister fooling around. Whatever it was, I did not pay attention to it, until after a few minutes when I heard the sound again- more intense and frantic this time. It was as if someone was trying to pull open the door  from outside. This made me abandon my chore and have a look at what was happening. I hastily put on my slippers and went in the direction of the sound.

The room which led to the back door was dark. I advanced to the switchboard and turned on the lights. Peering through the door’s mesh, I saw nothing but darkness of the falling night. It was all as still as should have been. Moreover, the door’s latch looked fine and properly secured. I stood there for a minute, perplexed. Unable to find out anything major, I turned back to return. Then out of the blue, the noises started again and I saw the door banging, the little back and forth I could go, unable to open because of the latch. I stood and stared curiously. There was nobody on the door, the wind was not at its play and still the door was pulsating intensely. The epicenter of this force seemed to originate from below, just near the right part of the door and it was getting frantic. I called onto my sister. “Come here fast, you gotta look at this!”

She came after a minute or two but the noises had died down by then. I had just finished describing the events to her when the whole thing started again. She too watched the sight in amazement. This was mixed with horror  when I solemnly said, “This can only be done by something .…”

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Pinky from Moga

Pinky from Moga’ or ‘Pinky Moge Wali’ as its better known in Punjabi, was a character from a hit Punjabi movie. More than the movie, this comic character which was only verbally depicted in the film as a beautiful girl flocked by guys, was remembered by the audience. Since this pinky was just a character in dialogues, one didn’t expect to see the reel or real  face behind it, but this was not going to be  the case with me and the people in my neighborhood.

It was in the autumn of 2012(as far as I remember). That afternoon I was at home, preparing for my exams ahead. I was going to the kitchen for water when I heard some one call out ‘Pinky Moge wali aa gyi oye’ 

‘ O Pinky!’

 ‘O Pinky Moge wali!’

I was amused  at first and then shocked as I realized it was  a young boy in his teens who lived in my lane, calling out such names from the balcony of his house . Before I could react, The noises had died down. Ok, the topic ended and I got back to my chores. Then the next day again,I heard the boy and his gang call out names to whoever was passing by our lane.

At First, I  thought it was a prank. But  it was continuing  day after day. Finally one early evening as I heard the shouts again, I left whatever I was doing  and  went out  to have a look what was going on in the street .
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a window to our roots


Connecting to me means Rekindling ties with mother nature by rejoicing in the lap of her majestic beauty. This photograph was clicked at Barog in Himachal Pradesh, India. The climate was blissful with exhilarating raindrops,refreshing winds and warm sunlight… just as the view from the window our suite. The view from the balcony was even breathtaking with hills and greenery all over.

There was no WiFi on our floor, but I found a much better connection!

Barog is a quiet place, with no crowded markets and traffic jams. It’s a bliss for those who want to relax in the lap of nature away from hustle bustle of cities. The villages of the place are surrounded by groves, its traditional fruit-stealing & mischevious monkeys and some furry dogs to keep them at bay. Strolling here is fun! Of course, the main tourist stations like Shimla are just a drive away from this place, so its a win win situation 😉

My interpretation of Photo101-day#6 theme : connect

Home Sweet Home

roomHome is the place I look forward to

Over here I find peace

My room and me

Enjoying some quality time with MYSELF!

Really, when I think of home, after the gate, my room is the first place where I rush, to relax on the bed or simply sit on the chair and  reflect over the day.

I shared my thoughts via a picture of my bedroom. Do share what comes to your mind when you think of ‘home’ !

Would love to read your views 🙂

In response to Photography101 task #1.

Good morning!

I wish it to you and I’m sure you wished it to someone today or the other day.. But have you ever felt  and wanted the morning  to be really as good?

Have you ever pondered over various thoughts that cross your mind when you get up in the  morning? Well, I did and what I found out was really amusing!

These days: I’m enjoying  my much awaited holidays and what’s on my mind when I get up is to stop lazing around and complete pending tasks which includes getting up early! Wish me luck 😛

The coaching days:  When the alarm rings, “oh..Just two more minutes..”

And when I get up after those two minutes, “oh god..gotta reach on time!”

On these days when I sleep late and get up early, you can see me whirling around trying to do tasks in a jiffy and then finally spinning out like a whirlwind!

Typing  this, I recalled an amusing incident I’d love to share with you :

So on one of these particular days, I was really tired and contrary to the times I force myself to get up,I gave in to my heart’s desire to sleep. But as luck would have it, a friend called on a few minutes later and of course the ringing phone and all the talking left me wide awake! 

The finale: I was in class on time.

I shunned the incident as a coincidence, but the next time I was just about to bunk the class again and sleep, this friend of mine again called. Ok,I couldn’t help but specifically ask: “How come you call every time I’m trying to catch on some sleep?! How can some one have such good intuition?”

Lol…but It came out that it all he wanted was to remind me to bring some class notes. Hence proved- it was just a coincidence which happened twice 😛

I guess it was in my luck to have full attendance in that class!

Ok,enough of that smiling, Let’s carry on. Read More