On the moon

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Here I am, once again painting my imagination, taking another pillow cover down.

Drying Paints, old and worn brushes and my hands stained with colors.. well, this combination can lead to quite surprising outcomes.

While painting this one, perfecting the girl came as a challenge I enjoyed completing. While capturing the essence of the Mysticism, I portrayed a relaxed dreamy night.

The girl is looking at the vast sky, gazing at the magnificent moon and twinkling stars, relaxing and realizing how one is just a small dot in the enormous universe. Moon has been a patient friend to all of us sometime or the other. And the best part is that wherever you are, on this big earth, you will always have the same old buddy acompanying you at night, illuminating the world with its white glow.

I hope you liked the piece of art. Don’t forget to share your views with me.

I Wish all my readers a blissful new year! Have a great year ahead 😊



They called me,
And surprisingly, I heard.
This time, I took a firm decision,
brought out those drying paints,
And let my brushes run loose, without any thought on how I’ll do it and the detailing.
No standards of perfection, no rough sketches, just an idea and this pillow cover as my canvas. And I let imagination take the front seat.
I knew there was no coming back once the colours touched the cloth, no corrections, only the final picture. But this time, I seriously didn’t care.



I stitched some pillow covers in August last year, with a desire to paint them. But never got time to sit back, relax, and do what I wanted to with a calm mind, without any stress of other tasks waiting to be done; some jobs life had tangled me in.  And see, I never got that break until I fell ill previous week.
I’m surprised and saddened when I reflect on how I wished for illness in the back of my mind so that I could take a holiday from this rut of life without feeling guilty. And when I was kind of bedridden this Monday, after a sleepless night the previous day, I  recalled those paints lying in the drawers. It was time I painted again.
I’m amused to think its becoming  a tradition – it’s the second time I started painting when I was idle owing to illness. Previously, I painted these Canvas shoes.
And this pillow cover had been waiting for long. The basic designing had already been decided and drawn, only the paints and brushes were missing from the scene since September.

But now, I have decided not to let it happen again. I have to accept this fast paced life, accept the things I can’t get out of now and interject things I want to do in this packed routine.

So,This was what a past Hargun wanted to do, and I filled colours in it. There’s something the present Hargun wants to do..and I hope it will be done soon 🙂

Back with a bang!


‘Love at first sight’ I would call it. But on second thoughts, it seemed to difficult too attempt.

Bent down, I reached to the folder in which I had kept the sketches my art teacher had given me back at school for inspiration. This was my first step to reunite with my paints and brushes. Unconfident of my abilities after a hiatus of two years, I had decided to start with painting on traditional paper chart before I took back to canvass.

Now, before I could get hold of the folder, a sketch of a landscape lying near it caught my attention. I loved the landscape at the first instance, but on second thoughts it looked too difficult. Keeping it aside,I took out the blue folder and browsed through the other samples I had. But it turned out to be futile as none appealed to me as the one I had seen first . I sighed. I had no other choice. I decided to play it by the ear and finalised my love of first sight as the painting to be.

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My idea of bliss

This is a painting I made back in late 2012 or Jan 2013, can’t remember exactly, but one thing I’m sure of is that it was pure bliss creating this!

I gave it my best,wholeheartedly painting every detail with utmost care-  I still remember it took me days painting that cloth with square print, block by block.I used potato to paint that background wall, and the scenery on the table calender was a part I totally enjoyed doing.

I had my own study table in mind while creating this still life,so deliberately included that apple to symbolize the hunger pangs when I sat to study 😛

I can swear that I never enjoyed painting more than I enjoyed on this one, it was one of those  I did it with all my heart, but as it was to happen, this painting was taken my art teacher to keep it at the school! I was really saddened when I checked my art file after the practicals and found this one missing, because it was my most cherished creation, more than the canvass I was toiling on day and night ! I didn’t even have a picture of and was really determined to ask it back but then she had taught me for all those years and  had kept it to display at school….so I settled with a picture of it at last. 😛

So all I am left with is this picture of it,

REMINISCENT of the moments I spent creating it-

a memory alive in my mind forever,

a joy refreshed every time I look at it!

Hope you’ll like it, happy blogging!

#1.Painted school shoes



Here’s the wonder I created from my school canvass shoes, which were lying unused since I completed my schooling. It was on my mind to do something creative with them so that I could atleast wear them in daily life..

So the motivation and and actual  free time to act upon this when I was ill back in 2013,so much that I was at home fora number of days. Lying on bed idle whole day was getting too much to handle.on the top of it, I was not able to watch TV or socialise on internet  to kill time as my eyes pained from the strain. So I got this genius idea to paint these shoes.

I have not painted anything since, but I guess I should heed to my mother and start this dormant hobby of mine back again. Wish me luck and motivation.

Thank you  🙂