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Over at Hargun's

Did you hear it? Did you see it? Did you read about it?!

‘It’s Over at Hargun’s’ is back with a bang and is slated to be an all Girls’ party this time. Now, if you are thinking its going to be all about lipsticks, fashion and nail paints, you are so ….WRONG! It will be something different and much more than that, and its going to be fun 😉

Don’t have any idea what OAH is all about?

Here you go:  This is a series where we get to more than just meet and greet a fellow blogger, we have loads of fun doing that too. There are so any creative and wonderful personalities over here with a common passion to share their cherished works , their knowledge and feelings. I would have liked to meet them in flesh and blood. But Alas! All are miles away!! So, I thought why not call them over at my corner of blogosphere and get to know them more the Hargun’s way!

Now, going with this month’s theme, Are you interested to see what happens when two beauties with brains start chatting- if yes, then you should be at Living The Dream @ 7 pm sharp tomorrow 🙂

And if you know me enough to imagine what it would be like, let me drop some hints to acquaint you with our guest too:

I like to think of her as Ms Bollywood – a firangi gone Desi 😉

It is only her who can think of meeting her Mr Right the ‘Jab We Met’ style. Remember the missed trains and a cupid who supervises the happily ever after in the movie – she has imagined it all. Also, she reminds me of ‘Meena Kumari’ somehow….I think I said too much. Did you guess who’s the guest already?

PS: You can enjoy the previous episodes here.


It’s Over at Hargun’s! #3

Sat Sri Akal!

I welcome you all to this terrific third episode of ‘It’s over at Hargun’s!’ OAH started as an idea I had in my initial days at wordpress, when I used to be amazed and inspired by the works of my talented and very creative fellow bloggers. I would have loved to meet them in flesh and blood, but since that was not possible- I thought why not call them over at my blog and get to know them more! Since then there’s no looking back and here I am with my ‘photogenic’ third episode. As I disclosed in my previous ‘pulling up the covers’ post, today’s guest blogger likes to roam and take us to those marvelous places at the comfort of our homes, just like his tag line- ‘Let’s Go for a Photo Walk!’.

If you haven’t guessed it still- them let me unravel the mystery. Its none other than Mr. Jithin S. aka TraBlogger with a lovely photoblog titled PhoTrablogger. 

Jithin hails from Kerala, an incredible state known as god’s own country.

A self learned photographer, he loves to travel and  share those travel stories with us  through his photographs. He has recently authored a book titled ‘Journey is My Path’ which is releasing this September. He also loves to collect Bucket lists, aspiring to make it into one of the biggest of its kind. Interesting, isn’t it? And yes, I totally forgot about his Canon EOS 1100 which he says is his most prized possession; his loyal companion on all journeys 😉

I Think that should be an ample introduction ,now let’s get on with the chit-chat!

Hi Mr Jithin! I welcome you at Living The Dream. I really marvel at how you have had a chance to appreciate many great and some of those little known places of our incredible India like the serene Kundadri hills. In your view,  how is India like at heart? Do you feel there is any common thread  which runs in all these places?

I haven’t even travelled half of India. But I can tell that India is amazingly vibrant and definitely diverse. Each an every state in India has so much to offer. There are thousands of less explored, less touristy places worth visiting all over India. The most interesting thing is the changes one feels when travelling from one place to another. Language and landscape, clothes and cultures, weather and vegetation, almost everything changes from place to place. But still its all part of India and  we all are Indians. Once you travel across India, you will understand how amazing this country is and what some of the medias are projecting about India is not entirely true.

Yes, I have to agree with that. Media can project a thing in a way which is different from what is inside. Moreover, I too think exploring a different culture and environment in one’s own homeland is quite amazing. And when I think of travelling, I can never forget the incident when a monkey came out of nowhere, snatched my aunt’s handbag and ran off at a amazing speed, leading to rib tickling race to catch the mischievous monkey and get the precious handbag back ;P

I think in all your adventures,You too must have experienced some moments you can never forget – some fun filled , hilarious or spine chilling memories which makes traveling all the more beautiful and exciting . Tell us more about them.

If you ask any traveler, what was the most amazing experience felt while travelling, most of them would reply. It was the kindness offered to them by some random strangers. So there were many occasions I was at the receiving end of random acts of kindness by strangers while travelling. Those experiences felt amazing. Once a guy hosted me at his place and trusted me with the house key. Those kind of kindness during travelling will always be in my mind.  There are other interesting travel memories too. Some of them have found a place in my book with a tinge of fiction to it. Read More


over at hargun's

Bonjour! Sat Sri akal!  and Hello to all of you!

I welcome you all to this very special second episode of my guest blogging series- IT’S OVER AT HARGUN’S!

A monthly feature, it was born out of an idea I got one fine day. It was always my secret wish(not a secret anymore :P) to have a bloggers meet over here in India,so that I could meet all the talented personalities I met over here. But that was more of just a wish, nowhere near reality. So I thought, why not call then over at my corner of blogosphere, have a virtual chit chat and get to know them more. The bonus: A blog post by them 🙂

Now,If you noticed, this screening makes it twice a month this time .The reason for this?
Well, it’s my birthday week and this a part of the celebrations 😀

So people hold on your thoughts focus on the screen and welcome this week’s guest blogger at living the dream – Mr Upender Reddy

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over at hargun's Here’s a news!

ITS OVER AT HARGUN’S #2 – special episode releasing this sunday, 22nd march!

This makes it twice a month this time 🙂  The reason? Aah! its a secret for now 😛

Put on your thinking caps because I will disclose it tomorrow 😀

Till then keep guessing-stay hooked!

For those who are not familiar with this event, do follow the links below to know more about it :

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FINALLY..The mystery’s over, the secret’s out!

This is a chit chat cum interview series I’ll be hosting once a month on Sundays!

WordPress is a platform which has not only given wings to my dreams, but also made me meet many  creative and wonderful personalities with a common passion to share their cherished writings and their knowledge! Its always a pleasure to read and enjoy your works folks! I would love to meet such  innovative bloggers in flesh and blood. But Alas! All are miles away!!

Therefore, It couldn’t be ‘Coffee with Hargun’, I thought why not call them over at my corner of blogosphere and have a virtual chit chat! SO HERE IT IS..!!


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Its looks great doesn’t it?

You thinking, ‘what is it?’

OR the Sherlock homes in you Got a hint?

Now before you click on the post….

I’ll drop a tiny hint:

it may make you laugh, but will definitely make you smile 🙂

So be ready to flash those white pearls for me….

Already guessed ? OK OK , now don’t stress those grey cells..I’ll be throwing the bomb soon! Or maybe really soon..!

keep hooked-keep blogging!