Here goes my Entry number seven for Mundane Monday Challenge. This event which is hosted by Trablogger requires us to capture beauty in almost anything and upload the photograph within the week.

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The photo depicts how one can find beauty in mundane wait for the lights to turn green at the traffic signal.


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Home Sweet Home

roomHome is the place I look forward to

Over here I find peace

My room and me

Enjoying some quality time with MYSELF!

Really, when I think of home, after the gate, my room is the first place where I rush, to relax on the bed or simply sit on the chair and  reflect over the day.

I shared my thoughts via a picture of my bedroom. Do share what comes to your mind when you think of ‘home’ !

Would love to read your views 🙂

In response to Photography101 task #1.

#1.Painted school shoes



Here’s the wonder I created from my school canvass shoes, which were lying unused since I completed my schooling. It was on my mind to do something creative with them so that I could atleast wear them in daily life..

So the motivation and and actual  free time to act upon this when I was ill back in 2013,so much that I was at home fora number of days. Lying on bed idle whole day was getting too much to handle.on the top of it, I was not able to watch TV or socialise on internet  to kill time as my eyes pained from the strain. So I got this genius idea to paint these shoes.

I have not painted anything since, but I guess I should heed to my mother and start this dormant hobby of mine back again. Wish me luck and motivation.

Thank you  🙂