Words crush Wednesday!


Its indeed a pleasure to participate in my first ever event: Words Crush Wednesday hosted by LISA from REBIRTH OF LISA.

My first quote is from Guru Granth Sahib ji, Sikh holy book .The sermons therein really are  pearls of wisdom. Let me share the one I rate highly:

Jin gur parsadi man jiteya jag tene jitana

Which Means: Who conquer their minds, CAN conquer the world By gods grace.

Another one, “Man jete jag jeet”  in hymn called  ‘Japji Sahib’ by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, means the same.

I think if one starts practicing such teachings, s/he can scale heights of success. But again, when it comes to practical implementation, our own procrastinating attitude leads to failures.

Take me, I find the quote really inspiring but often lack will power or self control to carry out the great ideas I have. If I simply start utilizing the time well, then I will never have to squeeze important tasks in a limited time frame, which often leads to a compromise on quality and an inability to give my best shot.

Our heart and its desires are akin to monkeys’ they say, always mischievously jumping from one glittery thing to another, one thought to another. Sometimes becoming greedy or contemptuous and at other times it telling us that it doesn’t feel like doing an important task, just to while away some precious time watching that TV serial or socializing over the web. Sometimes it will spend hours thinking why it happened or why did he say that. Or simply burn daylight in regrets over past mistakes, which can’t be changed but just be taken as a lesson we learnt.

If we are able to control our mind & heart’s  superfluous desires, do something our future self will thank us for, we’ll definitely be successful.


I’m honored!

I have been nominated for Versatile Blogger Award BY @FARADAY’SCANDLE.ANNIE AND ATUL JAIN! I sincerely thank them for showing confidence in me. I’m glad to get this amazing opportunity! I will try my best to deserve this award.

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