Mundane Monday Challenge #21

Hi there!
Welcome to MMC – a challenge created to find beauty in almost anything, capture it and upload the photograph.
Thanks a lot Mr PhoTrablogger for this challenge – here goes my entry for the week:


A solitary bird on a uneventful evening – killing time or contemplating on life?

Now see another side of the capture below; It is full of life and well, many different shades of green 😉


If we take out all colors from the photograph, look what happens. It becomes dull and mundane.
Same is with life and its highs and lows. We can make our life look either black and white or fill it with bright colors. It all depends on our perspective and state of mind. Next time you face a tough situation, control the way you look at it and save yourself from falling into the negativity trap. I’m sure you’ll come out shining!

So, try to be happy and see the positive side of things to fill your life with colors of joy and gaiety.
Have a great week ahead!🌻🌻

Wait! Don’t go before answering this million dollar question:
Which one of the captures do you like more?
The first or the second…?

PS : I think this this post fits perfectly to Adele’s happiness quest, so why not join and spread some smiles. This one’s for you , the girl in glasses.

Mundane Monday Challenge #11

Here comes week #11 of the Mundane Monday Challenge hosted by PhoTrablogger. This photography challenge requires us to capture beauty in almost anything post it each week. Apart from it, this week’s entry is also submitted for The Daily Post Photo challenge- ‘Forces of Nature
Solitary LilyThe entry for the week not only symbolizes ‘Solitude’  but also holds a latent meaning if you look closely.

The photograph captures a solitary Lily, lashed down by a thunderstorm the previous night. The effect of nature’s fury on impotent flora is well depicted through this unedited shot. So, it is evident of Forces of Nature too, isn’t it?

What does the it brings to your mind? Share with me your views on the shot and remember, there’s always a caption to suggest !

Have a great week ahead 🙂