For life and beyond..



Reva stood admiring the picture hanging above a wooden counter at Girl’s hostel. That was it! That was the place she wanted to go all her life but never could. This was the place she wanted her dream house to be, overlooking the sunset, with its various pinkish orange hues illuminating the sky and the pale lake. “What a beautiful lake..”, She thought. She imagined herself standing at the wooden and breathing in the aura of the place, amidst the gushes of cool wind playing with her open hair, away from the rut of life. She stood with her eyes closed, as tears trickled down her pale cheeks.

“Tring-tring, Tring-tring”, sudden ringing of the telephone kept on the table top brought her back into reality. The loud noise irked her to the core and she looked here and there wishing someone to come and receive the call. When no one came into the sight, Reva reluctantly picked it up, still teary eyed. Before could muster a ‘hello’ in a normal tone, a scratchy and hoarse voice from the other end began speaking, almost in whispers, as if for her ears, only her ears..

search of skin,
color no matter,
brighter or darker,
tell no one,
I will take someone,
–  ghost, me!”

“Ahh! You are a ghost too!! Thank god, thank god. Someone to help me out of this. But how do you takeover someone else’s body? I’m new to all this, you  see.” , the excitement in Reva’s voice was obvious.

“You- you..are not afraid?!” The voice thundered in same scratchy tone, but this time using all its strength to speak.

Oblivious to the query, Reva was lost in her own excitement, “How did you dial a number? I can’t remember anyone’s number since I woke up”, She had a lot of questions. “And do your fingers work as before? Mine don’t seem to be…. ” Reva was complaining now, looking at her palm. There was no reply from the other side. “Hello, heelloo..are you listening?”, Reva was confused at the sudden silence.

She peeked in from the landline’s receiver and saw a young lad, probably in his early twenties,  standing by the support of a wooden counter and drawing long breaths. He was trying to remain steady by keeping his hand on the table for support. The receiver of his telephone was dangling down the length of the table. Why was he so spooked out?

She struggled out of the receiver saying, “Wohoo! What happened?” Read More

Ek Kissa..


Here I am completing the fourth task of the ‘Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge’ called Hunt a Haiku. For this, I have written a reminiscential episode in Hindi based on the haiku I chose.

The challenge goes like this:

Given to you are five haiku’s. Pick any one and write your interpretation to it. You can build a story and make the haiku part of it. You can continue the haiku and make another poem out of it. Let the creativity wander and hunt it down the way you want.

I chose Haiku 02, which is: 

the sun will set slow
people go home for shelter
sun will rise again

Interpretation: To me, the haiku suggests how monotonous and mechanical our lives have become today. Each morning we get up, sprint to our work places and then after another hectic day, retreat to our homes, complete many house hold tasks, eat and sleep only to get up the next day, and repeat the same routine like a clockwork mouse. The zeal with which the work and life was earlier lived is lost somewhere in this race against time. This way of life has become so deeply rooted in our minds that we do not even notice how far we keep sinking into this rut, ignoring our body, health and relationships. 

My story for this challenge is based in the above theme, poignantly highlighting the eye-opening meet of the protagonist with herself and her relationships. Hope you will be able to relate with the emotions and experiences she goes through, in my first writeup in Hindi 🙂 Read More