Back with a bang!


‘Love at first sight’ I would call it. But on second thoughts, it seemed to difficult too attempt.

Bent down, I reached to the folder in which I had kept the sketches my art teacher had given me back at school for inspiration. This was my first step to reunite with my paints and brushes. Unconfident of my abilities after a hiatus of two years, I had decided to start with painting on traditional paper chart before I took back to canvass.

Now, before I could get hold of the folder, a sketch of a landscape lying near it caught my attention. I loved the landscape at the first instance, but on second thoughts it looked too difficult. Keeping it aside,I took out the blue folder and browsed through the other samples I had. But it turned out to be futile as none appealed to me as the one I had seen first . I sighed. I had no other choice. I decided to play it by the ear and finalised my love of first sight as the painting to be.

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