Through my lens-37

Hi there!

Welcome to TML, a series where I share the world in photographs-some stories nature shares with us everyday, all we need to do is look.

Here goes this week’s picture:

This picture announces the impending…did you notice?
Be prepared to revisit ‘it’ with a series of picture on the theme, starting with TML-37.

Hope you will enjoy the upcoming detailed and beautiful encounter of nature, with itself.

Hope you will enjoy, The rains!


Through my Lens-34

Hi there! Welcome to my quest to explore beauty in the overlooked and share them with you. Here goes the click of the week:


Black beauty

This picture was clicked after I found these flowers lying down on the floor, drenched and detached from a tree after a rain shower. The trio looked photogenic and here they are 😉
Hope you like it!Have a great week ahead🌻🌻

Mundane Monday Challenge #22

Welcome to MMC – a challenge created to find beauty in almost anything, capture it and upload the photograph. 
Thanks a lot Mr PhoTrablogger for this challenge – here goes my entry for the week:


The wind was blowing hard and the sky was laden with clouds itching to break down into rain drops. The trees swayed back and forth, with their leaves bowed down by the immense force of nature. That day, I could actually see the wind gushing through, in addition to feeling its invigorating and chilly brush against my cheeks. It was only a matter of minutes that the transparent pearls of joy would sneak down from nature’s bounty to refresh the soul of earth and the creatures dwelling on it.
Then I saw these two parrots sitting on the cables, waiting in anticipation. While their counterparts were busy seeking shelter, they Gave me another glimpse of beauty just before the real magic was about to be recreated.

Mundane Monday Challenge #10

Here comes week #10 of the Mundane Monday Challenge hosted by PhoTrablogger. This photography challenge requires us to capture beauty in almost anything post it each week.  Apart from it, this snapshot is also submitted for The Daily Post Photo Challenge- ‘Creepy‘.

Continuing with the bird theme, here is my entry with a tinge of supernatural element to it. flew away

Oh no, do not fret; it was just because of dark thundering clouds with which the sky was overcast. 😉 The story starts with this picture, where some pigeons greeted me with their feet. Let’s continue,picking up from there.

Now, as they flew away in terror; they all landed on a nearby house’s roof. It was a sight, with nearly a dozen of them suddenly fleeing with noisy and furious fluttering of the wings. Some were really fast to take flight, while others turned tail after a few seconds. Though the previous picture captures only two of them, there many more sitting on this wide shade, who joined their peers resting nearby.

Now that you know the story, delight me your thoughts on the pictures and suggest a caption if you like!

Have a Happy week ahead 🙂

Mundane Monday challenge #2


AFTER THE RAIN SHOWER!                                                                                                    By Hargun Wahi

This is my second entry for the Mundane Monday challenge hosted by Trablogger. This challenge requires us to find beauty in everyday life and post it in the form of a photograph.

I captured a great click this monsoon season.Hope you like it..Happy monsoon to you all !

The mesmerizing fragrance of the soil..

when I read the words:




The instant picture which flashed in my mind was: the sweet memory of the days when I used to sit at the window and enjoy the mesmerizing fragrance of the soil just after a rain shower!



Those were really good days when we used to enjoy the small pleasures the life used to throw at us! Its been so long since I enjoyed that fragrance… it still rains,the soil is right there..but the window is lost somewhere..!

In response to today’s DP prompt.