On the moon

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Here I am, once again painting my imagination, taking another pillow cover down.

Drying Paints, old and worn brushes and my hands stained with colors.. well, this combination can lead to quite surprising outcomes.

While painting this one, perfecting the girl came as a challenge I enjoyed completing. While capturing the essence of the Mysticism, I portrayed a relaxed dreamy night.

The girl is looking at the vast sky, gazing at the magnificent moon and twinkling stars, relaxing and realizing how one is just a small dot in the enormous universe. Moon has been a patient friend to all of us sometime or the other. And the best part is that wherever you are, on this big earth, you will always have the same old buddy acompanying you at night, illuminating the world with its white glow.

I hope you liked the piece of art. Don’t forget to share your views with me.

I Wish all my readers a blissful new year! Have a great year ahead šŸ˜Š



They called me,
And surprisingly, I heard.
This time, I took a firm decision,
brought out those drying paints,
And let my brushes run loose, without any thought on how I’ll do it and the detailing.
No standards of perfection, no rough sketches, just an idea and this pillow cover as my canvas. And I let imagination take the front seat.
I knew there was no coming back once the colours touched the cloth, no corrections, only the final picture. But this time, I seriously didn’t care.



I stitched some pillow covers in August last year, with a desire to paint them. But never got time to sit back, relax, and do what I wanted to with a calm mind, without any stress of other tasks waiting to be done; some jobs life had tangled me in.Ā  And see, I never got that break until I fell ill previous week.
I’m surprised and saddened when I reflect on how I wished for illness in the back of my mind so that I could take a holiday from this rut of life without feeling guilty. And when I was kind of bedridden this Monday, after a sleepless night the previous day, IĀ  recalled those paints lying in the drawers. It was time I painted again.
I’m amused to think its becomingĀ  a tradition – it’s the second time I started painting when I was idle owing to illness. Previously, I paintedĀ these Canvas shoes.
And this pillow cover had been waiting for long. The basic designing had already been decided and drawn, only the paints and brushes were missing from the scene since September.

But now, I have decided not to let it happen again. I have to accept this fast paced life, accept the things I can’t get out of now and interject things I want to do in this packed routine.

So,This was what a past Hargun wanted to do, and I filled colours in it. There’s something the present Hargun wants to do..and I hope it will be done soon šŸ™‚