Its almost weekend and here I am exploring my simple yet serene surrounding with my camera!


The picture captures the majestic sunset from the-not-so typical angle.The scene also caught my attention because of these pigeons who lined the walls. Did you spot them?

The vast sky is really inspiring and leaves one awestruck at beauty nature beholds and the best part is that you do not have to travel to those exotic locations to enjoy it! Join me on this quest to capture and cherish the raw and aesthetic waiting for us just outside the porch. 😉

What do you think about the click ? Share with us your perspective and remember, you are also invited to suggest a caption!

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Mundane Monday Challenge #10

Here comes week #10 of the Mundane Monday Challenge hosted by PhoTrablogger. This photography challenge requires us to capture beauty in almost anything post it each week.  Apart from it, this snapshot is also submitted for The Daily Post Photo Challenge- ‘Creepy‘.

Continuing with the bird theme, here is my entry with a tinge of supernatural element to it. flew away

Oh no, do not fret; it was just because of dark thundering clouds with which the sky was overcast. 😉 The story starts with this picture, where some pigeons greeted me with their feet. Let’s continue,picking up from there.

Now, as they flew away in terror; they all landed on a nearby house’s roof. It was a sight, with nearly a dozen of them suddenly fleeing with noisy and furious fluttering of the wings. Some were really fast to take flight, while others turned tail after a few seconds. Though the previous picture captures only two of them, there many more sitting on this wide shade, who joined their peers resting nearby.

Now that you know the story, delight me your thoughts on the pictures and suggest a caption if you like!

Have a Happy week ahead 🙂