Through my Lens-27



Welcome to TML, my quest to capture ordinary beauty in my surroundings and bring to you some pictures, raw and aesthetic. This week’s picture has a mystical and possibly weird aura to it, read ahead at your own risk…


I was in my grandma’s kitchen garden, eager  to see which veggies she was growing in those days. At the entrance was a tree, not very tall, a young adult perhaps,  with nothing fancy to turn one’s head back and have a second look.

I crossed over , My attention rapt at the beautiful flora ahead.  After I had gone through the area, I turned to leave and faced the tree once again. This time I noticed that this tree had sturdy roots and how wild foliage was growing between them. It seemed mystical, something  beautiful and had definitely grabbed my attention for the same reason. The drab roots now were a thing of beauty. Also, This tree reminded me of those elusive storytelling trees, holding secrets and mysteries in their wake. Tales which left you spellbound in the mystical and dark world.Lost in these thoughts, I clicked a picture of the roots and the new life proliferating with the aid of its sturdy support. An old form supporting a new one was beautiful and worth a click.

As I was about to leave again, I noticed a spider creeping up the roots of the tree getting lost inside the foliage in no time. As I stood there, a honey bee swarmed past me but instead of settling on a nearby flower, it went straight into the bark and vanished.

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Through my Lens-26

Hi there! Welcome to  my quest to explore beauty in the overlooked and share with you the world through my lens.

This week, the pictures come from my grandma’s kitchen garden.Each time I go over, I’m always keen to see which veggies she is tending to. This time there were not many, but only some beautiful spring onions, growing in a small patch. The flowers were admirable, their whiteness standing  out in the area. Well, spring onions can look as beautiful growing up as they do in our platters! A Beatle bug was there too, admiring the beauty along with me. Oh Mr bug, could you ever resist my camera?

Here are the pictures, which one do you like? I couldn’t decide between them!

Through my Lens-25

Hi there! Welcome to  my quest to explore beauty in the overlooked and share with you the world through my lens. This week’s picture has a warm, fuzzy feeling to it, but to feel it you would  need to read the background first 🙂

Six cars, forty five people and I was tucked in the back seat in one of these cars, which meant having no immediate door to get out(coming in and going out of the car was really ‘comfortable’) or a window which could roll down. This is one of the perks, being made to sit in the back I mean, when you belong to the younger lot who are agile enough to hop into the less comfortable areas.

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Through my Lens-24

Simplicity intrigues me more than the dazzle. Its amazing how beauty can be latent in the such unexpected things, all one needs is an eye to explore it. Come, accompany me on this quest to explore my surroundings and bring to you some picture purely Raw and Aesthetic .

Here goes the picture for the week:


Solitary Reaper

A speeding taxi, aesthetic scenery and my ‘shaky’ attempt to capture the above view in my lens – welcome to the world behind the beautiful captures you see. One moment I was admiring the view in my head and in the other I was almost struggling to stay stable and press the the click button of my phone’s camera on that broken road.
But the effort paid and I got this one picture of a solitary wheel loader in the company of a solitary tree. The dry sands all over added more emptiness to the aura.

Did you notice Sunlight illuminating bits of the ‘tree and the truck’ ? That is my first favourite part of the picture. The second? Well, its that trio of monkeys perched on the top of the parked machine. Though it got out of focus due to the a imagine ruining mix of speeding on rugged roads, I just felt like letting you guys know about the third hidden model 😜
A small stretch towards my destination was covered with monkeys perched on boundary wall, trees or simply lined at the edge of the road. But alas! I could not get a picture of the tailed brats in a ‘monkeying’ car or a shot which was which was not blurred, to be precise.
Maybe some other time, till then happy few hours of this Sunday!

Through my Lens-23

Hi there!
Welcome to my quest to explore beauty in my unostentatious surrounding and delight you with some pictures purely raw and aesthetic.
Here goes the picture for the week:


Stand at ease!

Apart from the sun and the tall trees, the 24 hour open sign of the Dhaba is especially my favourite 🙂
I hope you like the click for the week.

Through my Lens-22

Hi there!
Welcome to my quest to explore beauty in my unostentatious surrounding and delight you with some pictures purely raw and aesthetic.


The story behind this click goes like this:
It was a bright sunny morning and I happened to be sitting right under this bright sun. I was in a park, under a tent with a gathering of about 150 people. The heavily decorated enclosure they had made in that park was meant to provide some shade, but because of it being closed from the sides, it was heating up inside the tent. The overhead Sun, peeking from the pink cloth the tent was made of, was not helping either.
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Through my lens-21

Hi there!
Welcome to my quest to explore beauty in my unostentatious surrounding and delight you with some pictures purely raw and aesthetic.

Here goes the picture of the week, announcing Summer’s here!


Say Hello to summer!

Gone are the wintery days, when basking in the sunlight was actually soothing and sun did not make one sweat, for a change. We no longer wait for sun to rise and fill our hearts with joy. Instead, the ceiling fans were lulled out of their winter slumber officially in my office this week and nobody went over to switch them off too.
It will be extremely hot in few more days, or a month maybe. And I can understand your plight if you are among the ones who have to travel in the sun on scooters daily.Till then, enjoy these few pleasant days, until the time comes to beat the real Summer heat again!(yes, June and July are the real bummers)

Have a great weekend!

Through my Lens – 20

Hi there!
Welcome to my quest to explore beauty we overlook everyday. This week I saw something pretty amusing.  Here it goes!


If you have only noticed a mouse and red wall by far in the picture, look close and read ahead :
Once upon a time, on a bright sunny afternoon, I was sitting in this compact, store like room, trying to concentrate on my work, finish it and leave for home as soon as possible. Suddenly, a frantic buzzing deviated my attention. First near my ear, then at the back of my head, next on my left shoulder until my mind was totally diverted from what I was doing and instead was focussed on  shooing an annoying housefly away. And guess what, this housefly was in no mood to leave me alone. But then, I knew we were kind of destined to spent the next three hours like that, so I stopped minding it and got back to my work and Mr fly simply went to other stuff like the picture above.(Who would waste precious time trying to frantically shoo out a fly, especially from room with no windows and a door which opened into the reception area, Unless you want to seem like a jerk at a public place! :p)

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Through my Lens – 18

Hi there!
Welcome to my quest to explore beauty in my unostentatious surrounding and delight you with some pictures purely raw and aesthetic.

Here goes the picture(or well, pictures) for the week:


Tiny wonders


White stands out!

OK, maybe you like the clicks. Those wild flowers, in white and yellow with green in the backdrop look pretty beautiful. But is that it? Did you know there’s always a story behind a picture..behind every picture. The one for these pictures goes like this:
On one fine morning, a chilly winter mornings exactly, I found this lying on our terrace. Yes, like just like that on the concrete floor. It was a really beautiful plant, strong enough to hold along the soil it had grown in, tangled in its roots. Who would like to leave behind food whole travelling anyway. 😉

As you can expect, I rushed down to fetch my cell phone, because I had just found some beauty worth preserving in my lenses. ‘Click! Click!’, I went. But wait, where had this plant appeared from? Certainly not from any of the pots on the terrace. And It couldn’t have possibly fallen from the skies. Yet apparently, it had.
It all started when the walls the freshly painted walls of the terrace went damp with its paint coming off in chips. On probing the matter, we found the drain above that wall blocked by this wild plant. It was then consequently thrown down(from the floor above)onto the terrace where I found it. I really liked this one with its flowers and all the growth and so picked whole bunch of it and potted it into our little garden. Though the plant survives till date, its flowers are gone. I’m glad I preserved them forever in my lenses that day.

And yes, on another (boring) evening when I was waiting for my job to be done at a service center, I experimented with this picture below. Which one would you choose from the original and the edited?


How am I ?

And here goes the winning post from TML series. Thanks a lot @faradayscandle for voting this the winner. Its a pleasure to reveal behind the scene photographs. 


Happy to pose 😉


We hang on together !

Hope you liked them just as you did the curtain raiser here.
And yes, you can vote for any picture from the previous posts and I’ll reveal the unseen shots.
T&C apply. 😉

Through my Lens-17

Hi there!
Welcome to my quest to explore beauty we overlook everyday.
This week I found something pretty hilarious. Here it goes!


Caught unaware!


Go away paparazzi!


Ok, just one click..alright?

This is ‘Pillu’ – our street dog. I know its a queer name.. But this was a gift to her by the neighborhood children when she was a pup. In case you are already wondering from the picture, yes, she likes to lie in the middle of the road and bask in the warmth of the sun. She has amazing skills to burst stealthily and stubbornly into people’s homes. Catch your back when you open that gate of your home.. There just might be a super dog in a red cape following you!

Okay, that red cape is a new addition to her look though her stubbornness is a gift from birth.
I found her sporting her new attire this morning. And I knew she deserved a click. At first she looked intently into the camera but then turned her head away. Cameras don’t excite her anymore, maybe. But I was as determined to take a picture as she was not to when it came to look into the camera. But in the end, she had to relent and strike a pose for me, though I decided against covering the circumference and doing it like a pro, you know, like clicking her from different angles. 😂

So that was Pillu- the black beauty in red cape.
Between you and me, Don’t you think she can fake that ‘superdog’ stuff quite well with that white mark on her chest?Also, See that shadowy mystical weapon lying near her. I think I should get back into my house before she gets angry 😉

PS: If you would like to see some stuff which does not bark, isn’t as arrogant, and likes to strike different poses for me, do let me know. You can vote for your favourite TML picture from the options below and I’ll reveal some behind the scene shots where I did cover that circumference 😉
Your options for the week are:
TML – 14 depicting my art tools
TML – 13 depicting Sunset
TML – 12 depicting the cloth clips

Happy voting!