The street was quiet, not a leaf moving..IMG_20130103_012127

IMG_20130103_012043YES,It was so peaceful amidst the greenery and the chirping of the birds ..

Then the night fell, and still there was not much activity. I couldn’t see anybody in the street. Not even that dog who tries to get inside whenever he sees a gate open.I guess Winter chill dIdn’t allow anyone to come out of their cozy homes!IMG_20130103_053916Cars lined in the street, one after the other…everything was going as usual. Nothing new.

Then what’s the noise early this morning?!

Oh, its a gang of boys attacking little girls!IMG_20130105_172034well,the pretty girls aren’t behind!

IMG_20130105_172030You go girl!


It’s a war! With water and colours!!

Oh look! They found a new target! The little brigade has cornered a neighbor..



And they won’t leave him, until he’s drenched in that coloured water!IMG_20130105_172158

Don’t worry, the neighbor is no less!

He playfully aimed each one of them with water balloons, and don’t you doubt his aim! Soon everyone joined the Open Carnival where they chased and coloured each other with dry coloured powder, water ballons and water guns! What ensues is  a gusty water fight!


So the street is not quiet anymore!

Everyone is drenched in colours of joy, happiness and friendship!

It’s the festival of Holi, a festival of colours celebrated in spring! The fun and frolic occurs in the open streets and parks with groups carrying drums, dancing and laughing merrily. The evening is marked with Holi delicacies, drinks and some blissful family time!


Home Sweet Home

roomHome is the place I look forward to

Over here I find peace

My room and me

Enjoying some quality time with MYSELF!

Really, when I think of home, after the gate, my room is the first place where I rush, to relax on the bed or simply sit on the chair and  reflect over the day.

I shared my thoughts via a picture of my bedroom. Do share what comes to your mind when you think of ‘home’ !

Would love to read your views 🙂

In response to Photography101 task #1.