It’s over at Hargun’s #4

Over at Hargun's

Sat Sri Akal! A warm welcome to you all on this chilly winter evening. OAH is finally back  and it’s a girls’ day out this time.

We all in the blogging world know a person through their blog or the interaction with them in the comments section. But many times we form a bond with these people, we often look forward to seeing them in the blogging world and then we realize we have found a great friend! Or else, there may be personalities whose works are a big inspiration to you. Though virtual, these friendships and fan followings are real. And so here’s OAH, where we more than just meet and greet a fellow blogger, we see some unknown aspects of their life and we have loads of fun doing that!

Now, I hope you all are tucked tight in the blankets because if you are not, you just might forget to, once you start reading head. So my audience, hold on your thoughts, wrap the blanket tight, focus on the screen and welcome this month’s guest blogger at Living the Dream – Ms. Ameena K. G. author of the blog ‘Randoms by a random

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A News


Over at Hargun's

Did you hear it? Did you see it? Did you read about it?!

‘It’s Over at Hargun’s’ is back with a bang and is slated to be an all Girls’ party this time. Now, if you are thinking its going to be all about lipsticks, fashion and nail paints, you are so ….WRONG! It will be something different and much more than that, and its going to be fun 😉

Don’t have any idea what OAH is all about?

Here you go:  This is a series where we get to more than just meet and greet a fellow blogger, we have loads of fun doing that too. There are so any creative and wonderful personalities over here with a common passion to share their cherished works , their knowledge and feelings. I would have liked to meet them in flesh and blood. But Alas! All are miles away!! So, I thought why not call them over at my corner of blogosphere and get to know them more the Hargun’s way!

Now, going with this month’s theme, Are you interested to see what happens when two beauties with brains start chatting- if yes, then you should be at Living The Dream @ 7 pm sharp tomorrow 🙂

And if you know me enough to imagine what it would be like, let me drop some hints to acquaint you with our guest too:

I like to think of her as Ms Bollywood – a firangi gone Desi 😉

It is only her who can think of meeting her Mr Right the ‘Jab We Met’ style. Remember the missed trains and a cupid who supervises the happily ever after in the movie – she has imagined it all. Also, she reminds me of ‘Meena Kumari’ somehow….I think I said too much. Did you guess who’s the guest already?

PS: You can enjoy the previous episodes here.

A mystery to unravel

Hear o hear! This is a news for OAH lovers!!

‘IT’S OVER AT HARGUN’S ‘ is back with its third episode(yay!) slated to be published this Sunday, the 16th of august.

For those who are not familiar with the event to be a ‘furious fan’, let me acquaint you.This is a series where we a chit-chat with fellow bloggers and get to know them more. Since these fellow bloggers belong to lands far and wide, technology is used to level the gap effectively and efficiently 🙂

Now, as is our custom, the details would not be disclosed straight,but I will put your ‘creative’ alma matter to test .

This time the mystery revolves around who the guest is- it is for you to solve it in style.Let’s see who cracks this riddle, especially crafted  to aid you in your quest to guess the name of the guest 😉

Here it goes:

I belong to that category of humans;

Who like to roam,

And take you to places at the comfort of your  home.

I’m a lens wielding entertainer,

Adept at seizing the latent beauty in the inanimate;

Now, if you don’t wanna lose this game,

Hurry and guess my name!

Good luck !

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over at hargun's Here’s a news!

ITS OVER AT HARGUN’S #2 – special episode releasing this sunday, 22nd march!

This makes it twice a month this time 🙂  The reason? Aah! its a secret for now 😛

Put on your thinking caps because I will disclose it tomorrow 😀

Till then keep guessing-stay hooked!

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FINALLY..The mystery’s over, the secret’s out!

This is a chit chat cum interview series I’ll be hosting once a month on Sundays!

WordPress is a platform which has not only given wings to my dreams, but also made me meet many  creative and wonderful personalities with a common passion to share their cherished writings and their knowledge! Its always a pleasure to read and enjoy your works folks! I would love to meet such  innovative bloggers in flesh and blood. But Alas! All are miles away!!

Therefore, It couldn’t be ‘Coffee with Hargun’, I thought why not call them over at my corner of blogosphere and have a virtual chit chat! SO HERE IT IS..!!


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Its looks great doesn’t it?

You thinking, ‘what is it?’

OR the Sherlock homes in you Got a hint?

Now before you click on the post….

I’ll drop a tiny hint:

it may make you laugh, but will definitely make you smile 🙂

So be ready to flash those white pearls for me….

Already guessed ? OK OK , now don’t stress those grey cells..I’ll be throwing the bomb soon! Or maybe really soon..!

keep hooked-keep blogging!