Living in a neighborhood

Living here cannot be defined in a few words . You would be shocked(maybe) and amazed(definitely!)when you read more about my crazy neighborhood!

.Just recently, one of my neighbors had collected some garbage outside their house to burn. Well, what shocked me was how they did it. This lady collected all the garbage, came over to our newly constructed ramp, threw it over there and set it on fire!! I think, while trying to keep their house clean, these type of people just loose the respect we have for them.

And the other day, one of the families here had a wedding function at their home and hence music was blaring since 6 pm. The irony was that I had my exam the very next day. But I took it sportingly. I did not complain or crib. I simply focused on my work. And guess what? the peppy dance numbers these guys were playing out loud later proved to be really energizing and refreshing for my tired mind.That was beacause, I was dancing to the rocking tunes in my study breaks! 😛

And did I tell you about the neighbor who loved non vegetarian snacks along with his drinks late night? Read More