Through my lens-39

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Hi! Welcome to this photography series.

I love to explore beauty in my surroundings and click some shots close to nature, close to me. There is beauty in everything, all we need to do is look. Following this outlook, I bring to you some pictures purely raw and aesthetic in this series.

Come, accompany me on this quest and see the world, through my lens.


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Through my Lens-38

Hi there!

Welcome back to TML, a series where I share the world in photographs-some stories nature shares with us everyday, all we need to do is look.

As I type this post, I hear a sudden rumbling sound and my attention diverts from the laptop screen to the window beside me. The blazing hot sunrays are being replaced by a dimmer sunlight, caused by the clouds overshadowing the sun. The weather has been quite trecherous these past days, you would never know when it would start to rain.

And when you thought the rain had stopped and took a chance venturing out, a sudden downpour would drench you. When it was raining heavily in the morning and you thought you got a great reason to go a bit late to office, you would come to know that it was raining only in your area! So there were no flooded roads, no water to drench you and give you reason to stay back after all.

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Through my lens-37


Hi there!

Welcome to TML, a series where I share the world in photographs-some stories nature shares with us everyday, all we need to do is look.

Here goes this week’s picture:

This picture announces the impending…did you notice?
Be prepared to revisit ‘it’ with a series of picture on the theme, starting with TML-37.

Hope you will enjoy the upcoming detailed and beautiful encounter of nature, with itself.

Hope you will enjoy, The rains!

Through my Lens-36

Hi there!
Welcome to TML, a series where I share my encounters with nature and its various creations- animate or inanimate through photographs.

This time it were birds, lots of them. Racing. And It was pretty tough to catch them in motion!
But it was pretty cool to witness the event and cover it too šŸ˜œ

There were many participants, and all looked the same. They started together, with an aim to circle thisĀ  building.


Wanna race?

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Through my Lens-35

Welcome to TML- a series where I bring forth how I see the world, all captured in photographs. Sometimes these shots behold memories attached to them and at other times, many observations I made. They can also be of the time I chanced upon latent beauty in an ordinary overlooked object. Yet, They will always be a part of me, and I’ll be right there in the backdrop, showing you the world through my lens.

Here goes the picture for the week:


Walking along blissful paths


In the lap of nature

These pictures were taken last year at Mussoorie, Uttrakhand. This stretch comes on the way to company garden and if you are going by foot or on a rickshaw, there are high chances you will enjoy this serenity.

For me, This scene was almost like a one out of stories I had read of hills and their beauty – a perfect scenery, lined with trees, resonating with chirping of birds and gushes of exhilarating pure hill air. It was a refreshing experience to view it from close quarters, especially when one is accustomed to seeing traffic and pollution each day. This stretch was short but the one of best I have ever come across!

Hope you liked the click. Have a great week ahead!

Through my Lens-30

Simplicity intrigues me more than the dazzle. Its amazing how beauty can be latent in the such unexpected things, all one needs is an eye to explore it. Come, accompany me on this quest to explore and click some shots close to nature, close to me; not from those exotic locations but from my unostentatious surroundings. Some picture purelyĀ Raw and AestheticĀ .

Here goes the click for the week:


A thing of beauty

Its been a chaotic week and on one equally chaotic afternoon, a thing of beauty came unexpectedly, jolting me out of mundane and bringing a smile to my face.
See how the dash of pink livens up the picture? Now that’s what a simple flower can do!
What I loved about this flower was that its petals were akin to leaves, complete with veins, but in pink. The little white bud, the only sprouted one in the whole bunch was as pretty as a pearl, having tiny petals of its own(or least they looked so with divisions and all).

But Most importantly, it added a beautiful touch to my unexciting surrounding and gave me a ‘Click-Click’ break! So, a thing of beauty is indeed a joy forever, especially if preserved in my lens šŸ˜‰

I Hope you liked it too!
Have a great week ahead šŸ˜Š

Through my Lens-29

Hi there! Welcome toĀ my quest to explore beauty in the overlooked and share them with you.

As you know(I hope you do), I started a tale in TML-27, inspired by the shot I shared therein. This week’s picture brings an end to the tale, and if you have missed reading this mystical adventure, you can always follow up through ‘Story so far’ section below. And if the curiosity to see the world through my lens gets the better of you, all you have to do is to scroll down a bit and get to the picture! šŸ˜‰

Story so far:

The protagonist is visiting her grandma’s when she ventures out to check out her kitchen garden. She is about to leave when weird things start happening, all attracting her to a mystical tree at the exit of the garden. From that moment, her life steers away from the normal course, tangling her amidst a world she had never expected to be a part of- a world full of mystery and strange happenings all encircling around ‘nature’ and its creations in despair. From standing blankly for about an hour in front of a tree, to driving a car filled with cobwebs, the omens donā€™t leave her side until she joins the scattered pieces encompassing the mystery of those puzzlingĀ  events. Her subconscious shows her the truth through a dream which makes her connect the past events and draw a meaning out of them…. But what would she do next? Can she really help the tortured souls get a better life?

Read the finale to find out… Or catch on the first and second part first, if you have missed those!

Dreams can be weird,
They can make you see and explore the depths of your subconscious,
They can make you behold those latent desires and wishes lurking somewhere at the back of your mind,
My dream had introduced me to a part of myself which knew the answers I had longed for all along, something my mortal body was not capable of holding or registering yet…
All I needed was to tune in.


It was a warm and sunny day, and driving amidst a calm environment, away from the over speeding traffic of the city, was a soothing change. The road to grandma’s home went through lush green fields , and the cool breeze hitting me through the rolled down window was a good distraction from upheavals I was afraid I could be facing in a few minutes time.

Finally, my destination came into view. I parked outside the modest house, my heart shuddering hard against my chest. But I calmed myself, going mentally through the basicĀ  plan I had made, which was to do some background research before acting upon anything.Ā  After realizing the connection between my dream and the events in grandma’s kitchen gardenĀ  that day, the reality had dawned upon me as something my subconscious knew all the while I was madly trying to figure it out.

The tree stood in front of me as I marveled at what I had gone through in those forty five minutes I spent interacting with the mystical forces of nature. That bee I had seen had been trying to consciously knock itself at the tree when it got sucked inside. That web had been purposefully made around my ankle to prevent me going away before I heard her tale of woe. But why me? Simply because I was standing there admiring the beauty of nature or was it something bigger?

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Through my Lens-28

Hi there! Welcome to Ā my quest to explore beauty in the overlooked and share with you the world through my lens.
This week’s picture ‘upside-down’ continues the weird and mystical adventure started last week. You can read the story so far below and be a part of the exciting adventure. And yes, don’t forget to see how this week’s shot blends in the tale!
If you would like to see the capture first, just scroll down and just a bit more down šŸ˜‰

Story so far:

The protagonist is visiting her grandma’s when she ventures out to check out her kitchen garden. She is about to leave when weird things start happening, all attracting her to a mystical tree at the exit of the garden. Her hunches tell her to get out of that place when she hears her name being called out, the voice coming from the tree! She forgets her fear and is hypnotically drawn towards the tree. She touches its callous bark in a daze and goes blank. The next memory she has is of the situation when she is awakened by the voice of her grandmother, calling out , searching her. She finds herself in a puzzling situation, standing at the same spot, her hand against the bark. She out unable to fathom what could have happened in all that time she was standing there, touching the tree’s bark.. ?
You can access the full first part with all its thrills and mystery here
Now read the next part to get enlightened, just as the protagonist does…. or does she?


I followed grandma into the house, not sure what to tell her when she asked what was I doing out there for an hour. Would she believe what I had to say or will she take it to be a case of sun poisoning or evenĀ  lunacy?

I was not sure what would be the best thing to tell her when I was myself uncertainĀ  of what had happened. Had I hallucinated? I was still in a daze over what had happened and that daze when mixed with fear of the unknown, was not exactly a pleasant feeling. I wanted it to go away.

‘I should probable drive back home’, I thought. ‘Maybe getting away from that place can help in forgetting the whole incident.’

So I told grandma I had to leave a bit early due to some office work and would drop by some other day, while she insisted I joined then for evening tea at least, if not dinner.

“I would have loved to, but I can’t”, I said in a sad tone. I had expected to spend a lovely day at grandma’s, but I guess it wasnā€™t meant to be.

My mind was caught in the web of these spoiler thoughts when I realized the adventures were not over yet..

I had got out the house, consciously keeping my head turned away from the garden. Hurriedly, I had opened the driver’s door only to see that my car was covered in cobwebs! The entrance to the driver’s seat, that whole area had a film of cobweb. I brushed that aside, disgusted, only to find the opposite window’s glass frame had a film of web too.

‘This is as horrible as it can getā€¦’, I sighed. The only bright spot I could see in all that was that I had a very logical and probable reasoning for this. Just that morning, I had kept a big bunch of Neem leaves, complete with tender branches , in the car’s dicky and it was reasonable that this bunch housed spiders. This thing had been kept in the open for two whole days after being cut from the nearby tree by the gardener. What else could I expect from it? I nodded my head in frustration and started the engine. There was a good amount of cleaning to do once I reached home and I still couldnā€™t imagine how the dicky was going to be like.

The whole way back to home, I was trying to ward off the memories of that incident away, but the cobwebs here and there were only making it worse. Finally, I reached home, only to find it locked. ‘Must have left for the vegetable market’, I thought. I took out my spare key, opened the doorĀ  and ran straight to get a dusting cloth. I wanted to get rid of those cobwebs before anything else. After a through cleaning of the car and after putting those leaves at their place, I felt utterly exhausted.

My room seemed like heaven, I had not been so happy to see it in a long time.

And there I was, sprawled on it in the next moment ,if only my mind could be at peace! It was still struggling to unlock the impenetrable locks that covered the incident. There was block, a closed door which would not budge, however hard I tried. I could not recollect anything except the realisation that I went to the tree in a trance of some sort, as I would never do that in my right senses. I hated the prospect of somebody else controlling my mind and actions and shivered at the mere thought of it.My mental rant continued for some time and I did not realize when I went into a deep slumber.


Upside down

I stood at the staircase, staring at the stairs. They looked differentā€¦.were they upside down? There was bright light coming from the end of it. What could be up there? I crept up the stairs, curious again, my hands touching vines of a climbing plant trailing the wall as I climbed up. But this light was not the only bewitching thing about this place, which was drawing me closer to it. It was the sound of somebody, probably a woman crying which caused to go and see what was happening.

There she was, sitting on the floor, leaned against the wall, crying. She looked 16-17 of age and was clad in yellow. The ambience of the room, which was stacked with every wooden thing possible, was soothing. Was that cupboard actually upside down or I was it my imagination, I was never able to analyze because now the wailing had got a lot more louder. I rushed over to her and put a comforting hand over her shoulder. “Why are you crying dear? Are you okay?” I asked. She replied with some more incessant sobbing. I rubbed her shoulder, trying to quieten her down. “Maybe I can help if you tell me”, I said comfortingly, kneeling beside her. It was then I noticed her lower body was covered in something like black grease, or had her feet blackened? Puzzled, as I tried to look closely. “There was an aa-attack on my family..”, she said trying to control her sobs. “..they sprayed a poisonous liquid on our food and …and I accidently sat on some of it spilled on the petalā€¦” She said drawing long breaths and sobbing in between, while I took her shaking hand in mine and listened intently. “It killed them a..all…before I could know what was happening. I just heard papa yell not to drink any of the nectar before I saw them leave me alone in this cruel world.”, She started waling again.

“I’m sorry..” That was all I could say. Her state was heart wrenching. “It will be okay…please stop crying”, I was trying my best to pacify her, but it all seemed vain, given the situation.

“I tried to end my life but it would not let me…even after what that liquid has done to my feet!” my gaze shifted to the feet she turned towards me. They looked charred, I noticed, horrified. This was the blackness I had seen before. I turned my head away only to see a strangely beautiful pair of cup and a saucer on my left. The cup was made of a flower while a green leaf served as its saucer, kept over the cup to cover it. I couldn’t help but admire them. Suddenly, my thoughts were divertedĀ  by the noise of frantic banging…somebody was calling out my name!

I got up from my slumber, anxious. What was this noise? I rushed in its direction, half asleep only to find mom standing at the door with a bag of vegetables in her hand. I lousily opened the latch and let her in. “Why..You are back quite early. I wasn’t expecting you too be home”, she said, keeping the veggies on the kitchen counter while I filled a glass with water. “Me neither”, I was feeling rather groggy and an unusual heaviness in my head. “I need to catch on some sleep..” I said and returned to my room, without another word, as she looked at me quizzically.

As I lay there again, the dream broken in the mid came rushing back to me, its negativity seeping into my present. That was the only reason I could fathom for my sudden foul mood. Also, there was something quite wrong with it and it was now thatI could analyse it with sanity as each detail of that strange dream came rushing back to me, surprisingly, crystal clear. This had never happened before. Moreover, the dream seemed connected to my past, present and future somehow, as I went through it again. I saw myself going up that strange staircase, with a creeper along its walls. My mind raced and as I recollected each thing; there was wood all around, and a girl in yellow and the happening thereafter. ‘Wait, did she say she drank ‘nectar’?’ I wondered. ‘And Wasn’t that crockery made of flowers and leaves ?!’ I thought if I was over analysing this, after all it was just a dream. But then I remembered an ‘it’ somethingĀ  had stopped it from committing suicide, after her feet were charred by a poisonous liquid. And where had she said she sat and drank nectar? A flower! The events of the morning at the kitchen garden came before my eyes and suddenly everything started making sense, a lot more than it did before. Astonished, I sat up. Like a bolt, the whole reality hit me a with a huge force.

‘I think I just connected the dots’, I rejoiced, just as I feel back on my pillow. There was a lot to be done the next day. The first one being going over to grandma’s, again.


The strange dream and her mystical encounter at her grandma’s seem to be connected. See her connect the fragmented pieces and complete the puzzle in the next part, to be released next sunday, June 5, 2016 – same time, same place. What is our protagonist chosen to do?

Stay tuned!




Through my Lens-27



Welcome to TML, my quest to capture ordinary beauty in my surroundings and bring to you some pictures, raw and aesthetic. This week’s picture has a mystical and possibly weird aura to it, read ahead at your own risk…


I was in my grandma’s kitchen garden, eagerĀ  to see which veggies she was growing in those days. At the entrance was a tree, not very tall, a young adult perhaps,Ā  with nothing fancy to turn one’s head back and have a second look.

I crossed over , My attention rapt at the beautiful flora ahead.Ā  After IĀ had goneĀ through the area, I turned to leaveĀ and faced the tree once again. This time I noticed that this treeĀ had sturdy roots and how wild foliage was growing between them. It seemed mystical, somethingĀ  beautiful and had definitely grabbed my attention for the same reason. The drab roots now were a thing of beauty. Also,Ā This tree reminded me of those elusive storytelling trees, holding secrets and mysteries in their wake. Tales which left you spellbound in the mystical and dark world.Lost in these thoughts, I clicked a picture of the roots and the new life proliferating with the aid of its sturdy support. An old form supporting a new one was beautiful and worth a click.

As I was about to leave again, I noticed a spider creeping up the roots of the tree getting lost inside the foliage in no time. As I stood there, a honey bee swarmed past me but instead of settling on a nearby flower, it went straight into the bark and vanished.

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Through my Lens-26

Hi there! Welcome to Ā my quest to explore beauty in the overlooked and share with you the world through my lens.

This week, the pictures come from my grandma’s kitchen garden.Each time I go over, I’m always keen to see which veggies she is tending to. This time there were not many, but only some beautifulĀ spring onions, growing in a small patch. The flowers were admirable, their whiteness standingĀ  out in the area. Well, spring onions can look as beautiful growing up as they do in our platters! A Beatle bug was there too, admiring the beauty along with me. Oh Mr bug, could you ever resist my camera?

Here are the pictures, which one do you like? I couldn’t decide between them!