Through My Lens – 5

Simplicity intrigues me more than the dazzle. Its amazing how beauty can be latent in the such unexpected things, all one needs is an eye to explore it. Come, accompany me on this quest to explore and click some shots close to nature, close to me; not from those exotic locations but from my unostentatious surroundings. Some picture purely Raw and Aesthetic .

One pic – a week is the Motto and So,I welcome you to the Fifth week of ‘Through My Lens’.


The scene is captured though three different angles, where each shot captures a distinct perspective and brings in a fresh look to the otherwise overlooked beauty in nature.

What drew me to the play of light and shadow,  was the clean and classic silhouette  of leaves, the way they were perfectly defined on the floor. Also,The pattern sunlight falling through leaves makes,especially in the third shot, is indeed beauty to me.

I hope you enjoy the charm of simplicity too! Because if you do, stay tuned for the next installment, same day-same place. You can also connect via Facebook and Google+ to stay updated 🙂

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Mundane Monday Challenge #8

Sunflowers and Sunset

Sunflowers and Sunset

Here goes my Entry number Eight for Mundane Monday Challenge. This event which is hosted by Trablogger requires us to capture beauty in almost anything and upload the photograph within the week.

I love the play of light and shadows in this picture, especially when its created by sun nearing sunset. Do tell me what you like the most about it and do not forget the caption 🙂 I love to see how creative you can get!