Practical Love #4

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This is the finale of a tale I started sometime back, a tale I never thought to extend beyond a single blog post. But then, it was not meant to be and here I am, giving the story an ending, after three installments, only to lead it  to another beautiful start. I hope you will enjoy reading the tale, just as much I did imagining the duo and writing about them!

You can read the first, second and the third part here.


They walked silently towards the escalator leading to the food lounge, while their minds raced albeit confusion and fear, fear of what was about to come and confusion over how they would deal with it. He had rehearsed the upcoming moment a dozen times in his head and he wanted the evening to go perfectly, while she had made up her mind to leave- as soon as he was done discussing whatever  he had to , or, if it was something meant to change her decision of keeping this just  to a friendship. There could be only two possibilities and she was preparing herself best for any outcome.

The food lounge on the third floor  was buzzing with activity, with eateries presenting an array of cuisines lined one after the other. There was a pleasant aroma of various cuisines wafting through the air.

“Which one should we to go?”, he asked.

She thought for a minute, unsure. She had more doubts in mind than choosing  an eatery.

‘This should get over before he does something which would make me stay..’ , She thought looking around and in the next moment said ,”Let’s try that Chinese restro, it’s the only one I haven’t tried here before.”,  all in a hurry. She wanted to spend least possible time, or at least a part of her did.

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Through my Lens – 16

Hi there!
Welcome to my quest to explore beauty in my unostentatious surrounding and delight you with some overlooked beauty preserved forever in my lenses.

Here goes the picture for the week, picking up from where we left previously in TML-15 :


To the horizon.

The destination looks mystical, doesn’t it? It goes as far as our imagination can stretch.


On my way to the top

And, the journey along the path can be as breathtaking as its end may seem.

So go ahead, put your best foot forward and liberate your true potential!

Through my Lens – 14

Hi there! 
Welcome to my quest to explore beauty in my unostentatious surroundings, some overlooked things and capture them eternally in my lens. Here’s to some pictures raw and aesthetic!


Pearls of happiness 🙂

This picture signifies my first step towards optimism and getting back in control of my life. Its been long since I painted and these brushes and paints surely lifted my spirits. With the bout of positivity injected, I could reflect clearly where I was going and could decide my future course of action.

And to my pleasant surprise, Krista, the Challenger from the Daily Post Photo challenge wanted us to share something we are optimistic about, or perhaps a talisman that helps us stay positive and hopeful, regardless of what life (and the weather!) throws your way. Well, those are exactly my feelings about the picture and seeing that weather too had a big role in giving me some much needed ‘me time’ (I caught a bad chill :p )….I’m Linking this post to the Daily post photo challenge – Optimistic

So this was my week of reflecting and get the hope back. What about you?

And if you would like to see what I did the paints there, click here 🙂


I totally hate these baseless comparisons.

“Have you seen how good he’s at it? WHY CAN’T you be like that?”

Oh god..! There must be many more versions of saying that …but you get the idea, don’t you? Why do people compare someone with others. Its simply not done, because we all are unique; something just us, which nobody can copy or possess.So why say this to any innocent child? What I have seen in my life is that sometimes people are never satisfied with the gifts god has graced upon them. My aunt ,whenever I meet her, says the same (of course in a different version) to her all rounder  daughter .What really saddened me once was her reaction to a hard-earned achievement I shared with her. Instead of congratulating me, she was like-‘Why don’t you make her like you. Teach her something!’ Here, I just hope that my cousin doesn’t start harboring hate for me resulting from constant reminders from her parents.

I agree that sometimes these comparisons are needed to motivate, but yes, they should be limited to that, to the extent it’s are harmless. But constantly subjecting someone to this could lead he/she harboring feelings like jealousy ,hatred and on top of it- lowered self esteem. Read More