Delving into ‘Happiness’

“Happiness is … ”

IBMC #10, called ‘The Happiness Challenge‘ asked me to complete the sentence and grow it, keeping it to a maximum of five hundred words or less. For me, it was really introspective to delve into what constitutes happiness and what I jotted down that day is given below:

Happiness is like a rainbow; it has various shades, all at the same time, yet so beautiful.

Happiness is in that pure melody that rings in your ears, goes down to your stomach and spreads on your face like a glow.

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Learning along the way..

This post is in response to Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #09 called ‘The Be A Baby Challenge‘. The task was to see something with a fresh new perspective, and explore this new perception and dimension with engaging thoughts.

How better can it be than to see it from the eyes of a child itself?

Read on to get a peep into the psyche of a little girl in her preschooling years and how she sees the world through her innocent eyes.It is interesting how a child as young, analyses the ways of society and forms her own opinions, while asking some fundamental questions. The unbiased, unmalinged perspective she has while exploring the world around her is an asset only a child can have.Follow her below: Read More

Auditing a Nursery Rhyme

We have all learnt many nursery rhymes in our childhood, when those small poems would transport us to a whole new world where there would be an old Mc’Donald with his farm and many animals, A hot cross bun seller, A mouse climbing up a clock or a little Mary with her lamb.

I was always fascinated to peek through these small poems which would open up something new every time. Now IBMC #08 called ‘The Nursery Rhyme Challenge‘made me revisit all those nursery rhymes again, the way I used to see them and many queries my inquisitive mind used to have. This challenge needs me to pick up one such rhyme and make a new interpretation of it.

I went a lot of them all over again, some by memory and some through google.The rhyme which brought back many memories was ‘Humpty-Dumpty’and I knew this was the one I was doing a post about!

And because we are now going to be transported into nursery all over again, don’t forget to be a bit crazy, because nursery is nothing but fun! 😜

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When integrity is rewarded

I was going through the newspaper the other day, when a tiny news item in ‘By the way’ column of ‘The Tribune’ caught my attention. This was small but something positive, a contrast to all the negativity in the headlines.  It described how ‘exemplary honesty and professional integrity’ shown by staff was rewarded along with talent. The article, with appropriate reference, and my view points on it have been discussed  below:



Corporates. Aspirations. Success. Profit. Promotions.

In this story, everything is quite synonymous with the above charateristics of corporate world, except the reason behind giving a promotion. For a change, (and a good one at that), It is a reward for upholding and maintaining ethical values in the time we live in. Read More

Ek Kissa..


Here I am completing the fourth task of the ‘Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge’ called Hunt a Haiku. For this, I have written a reminiscential episode in Hindi based on the haiku I chose.

The challenge goes like this:

Given to you are five haiku’s. Pick any one and write your interpretation to it. You can build a story and make the haiku part of it. You can continue the haiku and make another poem out of it. Let the creativity wander and hunt it down the way you want.

I chose Haiku 02, which is: 

the sun will set slow
people go home for shelter
sun will rise again

Interpretation: To me, the haiku suggests how monotonous and mechanical our lives have become today. Each morning we get up, sprint to our work places and then after another hectic day, retreat to our homes, complete many house hold tasks, eat and sleep only to get up the next day, and repeat the same routine like a clockwork mouse. The zeal with which the work and life was earlier lived is lost somewhere in this race against time. This way of life has become so deeply rooted in our minds that we do not even notice how far we keep sinking into this rut, ignoring our body, health and relationships. 

My story for this challenge is based in the above theme, poignantly highlighting the eye-opening meet of the protagonist with herself and her relationships. Hope you will be able to relate with the emotions and experiences she goes through, in my first writeup in Hindi 🙂 Read More

Risk for a random


Here I am completing the third task of the ‘Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge’. It goes like this:

It’s a challenge to see how random can you be. Write ten sentences where there is no connection to each other. Go as random as you can get. Show the creativity in the paragraph and surprise the reader. The story sure need not make any sense. But must sure give a laugh to the reader.

My thoughts on the task and the task itself is presented to you in my hand below:

Hey you, now that you have finshed reading that, could you please flash those dazzling white teeth of yours, for me?

Thank you. You just helped me complete the last requirement of the task! Keep smiling 😉

And so, the task is done and here goes the completion logo. Yay!

Randomness redefined

Freezing a foto


This is Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #02 called ‘Freeze a foto’ and I’m game!

For this challenge, I need to pick up a photograph and describe the memories associated with it. The length of the description can be wisely decided. (I simply love this line- no more word limits, just my wise decisions! 😈)

Okay, Freezing a photograph…well, that should be easy, the only challenge here is to zero in on a photograph!

After a lot of searching, shortlisting, deciding, again rejecting and then finally settling on one (phew!), I present the following ‘foto’ and memories of it in my own hand:

Hope that took you back to your own memories lane…

So, the task is done and here goes the completion logo. Yay!

A photograph has been freezed!

When I see you…


Hargun is back and I’m participating in a challenge called ‘Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge’. It’s a series of ten tasks to be completed within 15 days with a maximum of 3 completed tasks a day.

Here goes IBMC #01:

The first challenge is to write a paragraph of 100 words (around and approximate) by selecting any one of the below mentioned topics.

  1. Writing About the Rights
  2. The Cool and the Fool
  3. I am and so I am
  4. Mark of the Destiny
  5. Shoulder of Support
  6. My Way, My Stay
  7. When I See You
  8. Tick Tock Tick Tock
  9. Fly High
  10. The Perfect Match

                                    When I see you

Hundred words paragraph?! I never understand why they limit words, emotions and stories into word limits.  Its always a challenge restrict the free flow of ideas(oh, maybe that’s why!)Anyways, the count is 35 words now and I need to select a topic fast! Okay, I like sound of ‘The Cool and the Fool’ but then ‘Fligh high’ reminds me of my many captures of birds souring high against the sunset. Ah, memories! Wait, did I write Fly as ‘Fligh’ in my reverie? Is that a sigh? Tick tock tick tock, my word limit is up!

Summary: This is what happens when you are still seeing, analysing and deciding on the topics and your word limit gets exhausted. 

Author’s note: This best way to describe this para is ‘When I see you, IBMC #01’ and hence the title. I basically liked three topics, like you read above(2, 8 and 9th)and I did not want to leave any one. So I clubbed them all somehow! You can be sure the title came into the post after the paragraph  😉

So, I officially completed the first challenge and here goes the logo announcing the same. Stay tuned for the rest! 

A paragraph has been phrased!