Auditing a Nursery Rhyme

We have all learnt many nursery rhymes in our childhood, when those small poems would transport us to a whole new world where there would be an old Mc’Donald with his farm and many animals, A hot cross bun seller, A mouse climbing up a clock or a little Mary with her lamb.

I was always fascinated to peek through these small poems which would open up something new every time. Now IBMC #08 called ‘The Nursery Rhyme Challenge‘made me revisit all those nursery rhymes again, the way I used to see them and many queries my inquisitive mind used to have. This challenge needs me to pick up one such rhyme and make a new interpretation of it.

I went a lot of them all over again, some by memory and some through google.The rhyme which brought back many memories was ‘Humpty-Dumpty’and I knew this was the one I was doing a post about!

And because we are now going to be transported into nursery all over again, don’t forget to be a bit crazy, because nursery is nothing but fun! 😜

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