The memorable last day-II

74 students, one Auditorium, no trainer and lights out. Somebody falls and rolls down upto the stage.A painful wail is heard.Scroll below to find out what happens next.You can read the first part here.


Let me rewind the sudden loud thud and someone rolling down towards the stage, in slow motion. The turn of events for that restless multitude bumping into each other could not have led to anything different. It was romantic Ruchi and jolly Jyoti who first collided and then in the hurry to stabilize herself, Ruchi stepped on someone’s feet, and as she moved a bit trying to find space in the dim light, her feet got tangled with the wires alongside the wall and she fell backwards. Fortunately, Arvinder caught her in time. But then, sarcastic Saksham standing just behind her lost his balance and slipped. This time, Shivam came to his buddy’s rescue. It could have been a ‘dil mein ladoo phuta’ moment as in a Cadbury shots Advertisement for many onlookers, but the horror filled in the air had frozen everyone’s thinking ability beyond getting out of there safely.

Thus, after so many fails, it was only Vasudha from Mumbai who could succeed in falling straight on the carpeted floor. We were very surprised to see her lying down as if she was resting on her bed!

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For life and beyond..



Reva stood admiring the picture hanging above a wooden counter at Girl’s hostel. That was it! That was the place she wanted to go all her life but never could. This was the place she wanted her dream house to be, overlooking the sunset, with its various pinkish orange hues illuminating the sky and the pale lake. “What a beautiful lake..”, She thought. She imagined herself standing at the wooden and breathing in the aura of the place, amidst the gushes of cool wind playing with her open hair, away from the rut of life. She stood with her eyes closed, as tears trickled down her pale cheeks.

“Tring-tring, Tring-tring”, sudden ringing of the telephone kept on the table top brought her back into reality. The loud noise irked her to the core and she looked here and there wishing someone to come and receive the call. When no one came into the sight, Reva reluctantly picked it up, still teary eyed. Before could muster a ‘hello’ in a normal tone, a scratchy and hoarse voice from the other end began speaking, almost in whispers, as if for her ears, only her ears..

search of skin,
color no matter,
brighter or darker,
tell no one,
I will take someone,
–  ghost, me!”

“Ahh! You are a ghost too!! Thank god, thank god. Someone to help me out of this. But how do you takeover someone else’s body? I’m new to all this, you  see.” , the excitement in Reva’s voice was obvious.

“You- you..are not afraid?!” The voice thundered in same scratchy tone, but this time using all its strength to speak.

Oblivious to the query, Reva was lost in her own excitement, “How did you dial a number? I can’t remember anyone’s number since I woke up”, She had a lot of questions. “And do your fingers work as before? Mine don’t seem to be…. ” Reva was complaining now, looking at her palm. There was no reply from the other side. “Hello, heelloo..are you listening?”, Reva was confused at the sudden silence.

She peeked in from the landline’s receiver and saw a young lad, probably in his early twenties,  standing by the support of a wooden counter and drawing long breaths. He was trying to remain steady by keeping his hand on the table for support. The receiver of his telephone was dangling down the length of the table. Why was he so spooked out?

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Pinky from Moga

Pinky from Moga’ or ‘Pinky Moge Wali’ as its better known in Punjabi, was a character from a hit Punjabi movie. More than the movie, this comic character which was only verbally depicted in the film as a beautiful girl flocked by guys, was remembered by the audience. Since this pinky was just a character in dialogues, one didn’t expect to see the reel or real  face behind it, but this was not going to be  the case with me and the people in my neighborhood.

It was in the autumn of 2012(as far as I remember). That afternoon I was at home, preparing for my exams ahead. I was going to the kitchen for water when I heard some one call out ‘Pinky Moge wali aa gyi oye’ 

‘ O Pinky!’

 ‘O Pinky Moge wali!’

I was amused  at first and then shocked as I realized it was  a young boy in his teens who lived in my lane, calling out such names from the balcony of his house . Before I could react, The noises had died down. Ok, the topic ended and I got back to my chores. Then the next day again,I heard the boy and his gang call out names to whoever was passing by our lane.

At First, I  thought it was a prank. But  it was continuing  day after day. Finally one early evening as I heard the shouts again, I left whatever I was doing  and  went out  to have a look what was going on in the street .
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I found them!

Kyra was about to enter the  temple’s langar hall(community kitchen) ,so she took off her slippers. As she kept them near the wall,she remembered the footwear theft incidents going on those days and her uncle who had already been the victim of this notorious gang. Nonetheless, she brushed off her sixth sense’s warning ,kept her slippers there and went inside. Boy! She was very hungry.

Later when she came out, her slippers were not at their place.

‘Oh gosh..where are they?’ she panicked and started looking all around the entrance gate of the hall but they were nowhere to be seen. She felt  angry and guilty at the same time. Only if she had heard her sixth sense’s calling. On much investigation, it came out that it was only her pair of slippers that were stolen. This saddened her even more.

Her mother tried console her. “Ok now, don’t be upset.Maybe someone wore them mistakenly, I’m sure that person would keep them back. Come on, let’s go to our room for the while, you can come back and check later.”

Our 13-year-old Kyra’s family along with a hundreds of other devotees  on the religious visit,  had been allotted guest rooms and tents in the temple’s premises for their stay.But Kyra was not in mood to go back to the room. She wanted her slippers back right then. How dare somebody take them without her permission?!

She ran off to find them herself. Her plan was simple and clear. Every lady with two feet  inside the temple’s premises was under scrutiny. She started off from langar hall itself, checking everyone’s feet. She was amazed at the diversity-small feet, XL feet, dark feet, hairy feet,white feet ,bride’s feet,..but no feet with her pink slippers. She passed the temple compound and  reached the tents. Yes, the thief could have hidden them there ,so she carefully peaked inside the first one. Read More

The Thinking Pot

Finally, after a long period of thinking , Matt had decided what he would wear at the Prom night (Phew!) Additionally, he had perfected the strategy to ace Friday’s test & reached the conclusion on what to do about his quarrel with Cynthia (He would make her too happy to remain upset with him this time.)
In what was left of his daily ‘fifteen minutes’ meet with his dear thinking pot, he mulled over the weird yellow color of the floor tiles..and the absence of a mirror in the washroom.
Once over, he silently thanked the thinking pot.. What he would have done without it. It was his lifeline.
He loved clinging to it for all his chores from reading newspapers to mastering that stupid candy crush( he’s still struck on level 71)

He seldom minded if he had to sacrifice his sleep to answer calls of dear thinking pot. This was well justified too as what he got in return was unparalleled- the yogic calmness (for which mum and dad ran after in yoga classes) coupled with relief -big time. Moreover,some saved bucks. What else would anyone want? The thinking pot was his answered prayer. The day he couldn’t pay a visit to his thinking pot, he would remain groggy all day( much to Cynthia’s dismay).
Nobody knew about his lucky charm which made the girls swoon all over him. All this made Cynthia really mad. But no more, he and thinking pot had crafted a perfect plan to clear up the mess.

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