XS Tales with a surprise

Today I have the The Xtra small variant of stories, tailor made to fit in your squeezed time budget,sprinkled with a dose of humor, topped with a bit of craziness, and finally baked with love, just for you 🙂
I hope you will savour the dish.Happy reading!


It was a busy evening with the village market flocked by tourists excitedly looking at the various kiosks. The little market thronged with life, filled with excited chatter of the people and the shopkeepers hawking to the prospective customers. Its narrow lane was fully crowded when suddenly an explosion like noise startled everyone and made them pause their din to search for the source of this sound. It seemed to have originated somewhere near them. Soon enough, everyone’s eyes were fixed on three fat middle-aged ladies, standing in the middle of the road. You could see the initial surprise on the people’s faces turning into the a big grin. Even the grimmest ones couldn’t help a smile. The kids were laughing like crazy with the adults trying hard not to, sans the nearby shopkeeper  who was already into splits. What on earth had happened?

That night, you could hear the two ladies of the group , heatedly narrating the incident to their husbands at dinner.

“She farted so loud that the whole market started staring back at us..”

”We are absolutely embarrassed. Next time, I ain’t going shopping with her” chimed the other.

Author’s side note: What did you think was that sound? 😉

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Tail of a tale!

Tail of a tale..well, I think a six words story could only fit to be the tiny ‘Tail’ of a Tale. Yes, here I bring to you a Four super short stories, inspired by the picture below.

  1. Gosh! Mommy’s here with milk again!!
  2. What is papa smelling..Gotta check!
  3. NO! Not a wet nappy again!!
  4. three..two …one..I’m coming,Hide!

Do vote for the one you like best 🙂

I thank Aditi from Inking The Thinking for this super fun challenge. I totally enjoyed doing it. I hope you liked the surprise !

The Thinking Pot

Finally, after a long period of thinking , Matt had decided what he would wear at the Prom night (Phew!) Additionally, he had perfected the strategy to ace Friday’s test & reached the conclusion on what to do about his quarrel with Cynthia (He would make her too happy to remain upset with him this time.)
In what was left of his daily ‘fifteen minutes’ meet with his dear thinking pot, he mulled over the weird yellow color of the floor tiles..and the absence of a mirror in the washroom.
Once over, he silently thanked the thinking pot.. What he would have done without it. It was his lifeline.
He loved clinging to it for all his chores from reading newspapers to mastering that stupid candy crush( he’s still struck on level 71)

He seldom minded if he had to sacrifice his sleep to answer calls of dear thinking pot. This was well justified too as what he got in return was unparalleled- the yogic calmness (for which mum and dad ran after in yoga classes) coupled with relief -big time. Moreover,some saved bucks. What else would anyone want? The thinking pot was his answered prayer. The day he couldn’t pay a visit to his thinking pot, he would remain groggy all day( much to Cynthia’s dismay).
Nobody knew about his lucky charm which made the girls swoon all over him. All this made Cynthia really mad. But no more, he and thinking pot had crafted a perfect plan to clear up the mess.

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