Mundane Monday Challenge #25

Hi there!
Here goes my twenty fifth entry for Mundane Monday Challenge, hosted by PhoTrablogger. This photography challenge requires us to capture beauty in almost anything and upload the photograph.


I really like how the shadows converge with lights as one goes along the mundane clothesline. What about you?
I also invite you to suggest a caption 🙂
The best three would be declared in the next post !
Good luck 🙂

The best captions on MMC #23 were:


1. Cinematic titles with a tinge of wackiness by Vamagandhi. He submitted multiple entries topped with humor as follows:

Hollywood classic: The lost duel

Hollywood B grade: Shuttle in dock, Racket in shock.

Bollywood classic: वो आखिरी दाँव

Bollywood B grade: उठा ले रैकेट, बचा ले शटल.

Bhojpuri: रैकेट गिरल बा, ढूँढे शटलबा

2.  ‘Rest in peace‘ by Jithin S. aka PhoTrablogger.

I really appreciate the time and effort they put on this. Thanks !