OH SHIT! I’M GETTING ADDICTED.. OK, I came here with as a novice,with really no experience,didn't know how to manage,how to get around.In my early days, I was totally dependent on Facebook to show people what was doing. And to be truthful, I was dampened and kinda dejected,after my fourth post..but things started looking up after I joined blogging 101.I met people on the same boat, some new bloggers like me,some really helpful people,some who motivated me,some who shared my opinions,my feelings-some who were like me.Really,sometimes It left me amazed! It was as if I had met a long lost sister who was sitting miles away.. Now I know many of you,I have made some lovely friends,I love visiting here everyday to find out new assignments(seriously,if this wasn't there, I would have gone mad with nothing engaging to do) and some of you have shown trust in me and are accompanying me in living my dream.. SO thank you! I wouldn't have been possible without you! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU MY FOLLOWERS AND VIEWERS.:)

My take on the daily prompt: Connect the dots

So today’s task was to publish a post personalizing a daily prompt into our blog post.well,that’s Interesting and challenging!

So as a obedient blogger, I opened the daily prompt page. Wow,over there was a huge collection of prompts,sorted date wise. Scrolling down, CONNECT THE DOTS  prompt caught my attention. Clicking on it, I met the subject matter for my today’s post.:

‘Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.’

Nearby book? Hmm,there must be some books on my desk. Yes,there was one but that was my course newsletter. Nonetheless I opened it, but alas! no page 82 here.I turned to the the next book in the pile- ‘The  Income tax Act’. As luck would have it, the page were numbered chapter wise in decimals. So I took up the next and last book on the table. Thankfully, this one had a page numbered 82,but this page contained solutions to some problems I had solved. No chance of finding a full line to turn in a blog post in these calculations.

Undettered,I got up and went to the dearby cabinet in a hope of finding a book with a page numbered ’82’. The books piled on the front were some I had accumulated to read someday(If you have read my introduction post, You’d know how long this someday’s awaiting arrival :P)

Anyways,I picked up the first one and finally, I found this as my third full sentence:

“Oil and gas resources form a dominant part of our primary energy mix and touch our lives in ways more than one”

Oh gosh! Oil and natural gas? What a topic!

To know what I did with it, click ME :p

All is well that ENDS well!

It was nearly quarter to eight, and Rahul was getting late for school. He had missed the school bus as usual and was now waiting for his dad to get ready and drop him to school on his way to office.

“DAD! Please hurry up! Just twenty minutes left for the school gate to close”

His dad wasn’t the one to get moved by that. He had become sick and tired of telling Rahul to get ready on time. Moreover, the petrol wasted on these everyday trips to his school which was totally in the opposite direction, was something he didn’t approve of in this pitiless inflation.

“Oh god! Madam Rita would eat me up if I reach late again today.” Rahul was getting impatient in the mean time.

Finally, his dad was all set and ready to go.Relieved, Rahul hurriedly jumped into the car, even before his dad could take it out of the garage! Then He looked at his watch. Sixteen minutes to go.

“Faster,faster..Buck up..buck up my boy!” Rahul chanted breathlessly.

They would have reached just half way ,when all of a sudden,the car jerked and and came to a halt. Unfortunately, They had run out of fuel. Read More

A post to my dream reader

Now that’s a task which I found really exciting,something dedicated to my dream reader….hmm,to be truthful, now when I think about my dream reader, my real feeling is ‘I don’t care, if this XYZ reads or not’. But sharing with you guys XYZ’s journey from being someone I considered worthy to analyse my works to a just another reader is something I don’t do at all ..but as its part of my job to add a ‘new-to-you’ element .. so here’s it:
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