Through my Lens-38

Hi there!

Welcome back to TML, a series where I share the world in photographs-some stories nature shares with us everyday, all we need to do is look.

As I type this post, I hear a sudden rumbling sound and my attention diverts from the laptop screen to the window beside me. The blazing hot sunrays are being replaced by a dimmer sunlight, caused by the clouds overshadowing the sun. The weather has been quite trecherous these past days, you would never know when it would start to rain.

And when you thought the rain had stopped and took a chance venturing out, a sudden downpour would drench you. When it was raining heavily in the morning and you thought you got a great reason to go a bit late to office, you would come to know that it was raining only in your area! So there were no flooded roads, no water to drench you and give you reason to stay back after all.

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Through my Lens-36

Hi there!
Welcome to TML, a series where I share my encounters with nature and its various creations- animate or inanimate through photographs.

This time it were birds, lots of them. Racing. And It was pretty tough to catch them in motion!
But it was pretty cool to witness the event and cover it too 😜

There were many participants, and all looked the same. They started together, with an aim to circle this  building.


Wanna race?

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Mundane Monday Challenge #22

Welcome to MMC – a challenge created to find beauty in almost anything, capture it and upload the photograph. 
Thanks a lot Mr PhoTrablogger for this challenge – here goes my entry for the week:


The wind was blowing hard and the sky was laden with clouds itching to break down into rain drops. The trees swayed back and forth, with their leaves bowed down by the immense force of nature. That day, I could actually see the wind gushing through, in addition to feeling its invigorating and chilly brush against my cheeks. It was only a matter of minutes that the transparent pearls of joy would sneak down from nature’s bounty to refresh the soul of earth and the creatures dwelling on it.
Then I saw these two parrots sitting on the cables, waiting in anticipation. While their counterparts were busy seeking shelter, they Gave me another glimpse of beauty just before the real magic was about to be recreated.

Mundane Monday Challenge #21

Hi there!
Welcome to MMC – a challenge created to find beauty in almost anything, capture it and upload the photograph.
Thanks a lot Mr PhoTrablogger for this challenge – here goes my entry for the week:


A solitary bird on a uneventful evening – killing time or contemplating on life?

Now see another side of the capture below; It is full of life and well, many different shades of green 😉


If we take out all colors from the photograph, look what happens. It becomes dull and mundane.
Same is with life and its highs and lows. We can make our life look either black and white or fill it with bright colors. It all depends on our perspective and state of mind. Next time you face a tough situation, control the way you look at it and save yourself from falling into the negativity trap. I’m sure you’ll come out shining!

So, try to be happy and see the positive side of things to fill your life with colors of joy and gaiety.
Have a great week ahead!🌻🌻

Wait! Don’t go before answering this million dollar question:
Which one of the captures do you like more?
The first or the second…?

PS : I think this this post fits perfectly to Adele’s happiness quest, so why not join and spread some smiles. This one’s for you , the girl in glasses.


Its almost weekend and here I am exploring my simple yet serene surrounding with my camera!


The picture captures the majestic sunset from the-not-so typical angle.The scene also caught my attention because of these pigeons who lined the walls. Did you spot them?

The vast sky is really inspiring and leaves one awestruck at beauty nature beholds and the best part is that you do not have to travel to those exotic locations to enjoy it! Join me on this quest to capture and cherish the raw and aesthetic waiting for us just outside the porch. 😉

What do you think about the click ? Share with us your perspective and remember, you are also invited to suggest a caption!

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Mundane Monday Challenge #10

Here comes week #10 of the Mundane Monday Challenge hosted by PhoTrablogger. This photography challenge requires us to capture beauty in almost anything post it each week.  Apart from it, this snapshot is also submitted for The Daily Post Photo Challenge- ‘Creepy‘.

Continuing with the bird theme, here is my entry with a tinge of supernatural element to it. flew away

Oh no, do not fret; it was just because of dark thundering clouds with which the sky was overcast. 😉 The story starts with this picture, where some pigeons greeted me with their feet. Let’s continue,picking up from there.

Now, as they flew away in terror; they all landed on a nearby house’s roof. It was a sight, with nearly a dozen of them suddenly fleeing with noisy and furious fluttering of the wings. Some were really fast to take flight, while others turned tail after a few seconds. Though the previous picture captures only two of them, there many more sitting on this wide shade, who joined their peers resting nearby.

Now that you know the story, delight me your thoughts on the pictures and suggest a caption if you like!

Have a Happy week ahead 🙂

Through My Lens – 1

Simple things intrigue me more than the dazzle. Its amazing how beauty can be latent in the such unexpected things, all one needs is an eye to explore it. Come, accompany me on this quest to explore and click some shots close to nature, close to me; not from those exotic locations but from my unostentatious surroundings. Some picture purely Raw and Aesthetic .

One pic – a week will be the Motto and here begins Week # 1.

Pigeon's feet

This picture has some pigeons perched on the shade. They were sittings quite peacefully, but only until I arrived. After that, there was a noisy flutter of wings and away they flew in terror and I could only be graced with their feet 😉

What do you think of it? I may look at the shot from an angle quite different from yours. Do Share with me your perspective.You may keep it short and quirky though a caption or elaborate it, simply your call. Just remember, this picture was clicked and posted with love, only for you my dear readers 😉

Mundane Monday Challenge #9

sky is the limit

Sky is the limit.. That’s the theme for the week!

Hello people! This post marks my 9th entry for Mundane Monday Challenge hosted by PhoTrablogger. This challenge requires us to capture beauty in almost anything and post it each week.

The picture shows sky heavy with clouds amidst bright afternoon sun. I see a lot of optimism in the otherwise dull scenario..especially with the Pigeon in its flight.

What does it bring to your mind? Share your views and remember, you are always welcome to suggest a caption  🙂