Opening The Memories Box

Hi folks!

It’s been a while since I penned down anything, maybe that was what prompted me to go through some old writings by me. As I was surfing through some files, I came across this article I had written for my school magazine. The weird part is that I was laughing reading my own article!

Journey Land Welcome Sign

It took me back  to the day school magazine was distributed. The day everyone was going to read it.I knew I was also going to be taken down by my group of girls soon, especially when they would discover and read this article, partly because of its heading  and partly because I had not told them anything about it at all- from writing it to its publication.

My premonition had gone true when I saw those evil grins on their faces and heard them chanting the article’s heading on seeing me approach in the lunch break. The fact they were singing it out loud outside the main staff room’s door was not a deterrent for them at all. They continued loud and clear, the song being interrupted ocassionally by bursts of laughter. What deterred them  was the fact that this little gig did not have the desired effect on me – I had not been effected at all by their teasing and had gladly joined them in the singing! Knowing them well, I had mentally prepared myself for something like that beforehand 😛

Here’s goes the article, which has also made me end the break I had taken from WP these past two months!(How time flies by..I can’t believe its been that long):

He’s always on facebook!

‘Mere pas paisa hai, daulat hai, shaurat hai…. Tumhare pas kya hai?!’

‘Mere pas facebook account hai!!’

Wait, was that twitter?…or no, it was Orkut or My space ….its endless! But he’s surely on one or another social network- DAY and NIGHT!

Be it pre teens, teenagers, adults or even senior citizens, everyone’s found a refuge here. Yes, Social networking is way to go! Elderly people have found their new pastime, Politicians have found a new platform to canvass for their parties, Artists, actors and all those blossoming buds disseminate their work beyond the confines of their galleries or stage.

And how can we forget our student community. Leave aside all the chores and the ‘mind boggling’ task of studying, (which has been merely reduced to a status update like, ‘Stu-DYING….SAVE ME!’ ) It’s the new glamorous photo that has to be posted online or that new designer dress or that place you recently visited…

Well, this is a platform to showcase talent, to advertise oneself, to knit with strangers or campaign for one’s ideas by simply blogging it or making their own web pages.

In all this, the new trend ‘VIRTUAL WAR OF WORDS’ is something one can actually relish. The entire wrath against one another becomes confined to status updates wherein one can rebuke to the heart’s desire!! Surely, a gold mine of an idea for peace and quiet has been found!

This social networking has a negative aspect as well. ‘Showing off’ is the lifeline of these sites. Moreover, degrading a person through social media is another aspect which can leave the victim psychologically tortured. Fake accounts, copying of photos, objectionable comments are something very common. And, the addictiveness to such sites is a disease without a cure!

Studies have shown that lack of face to face socialization is turning into a considerable problem for those who have locked themselves inside the anonymity of their computers. Indeed, studies have shown people to become significantly stressed, depressed and lonely with each hour spent in the obscure world of internet chatting.

To put the lid on, in this era of fb mania, the phrase, ‘I can give up anything for you!’ has become outdated. The latest one to keep in mind is, ‘I can give up my FACEBOOK ACCOUNT for you!’






That was it folks..but I think the facebook craze which was a new in-thing at that time, has still not lost its lusture. He is always on facebook even now! 😛


Delving into ‘Happiness’

“Happiness is … ”

IBMC #10, called ‘The Happiness Challenge‘ asked me to complete the sentence and grow it, keeping it to a maximum of five hundred words or less. For me, it was really introspective to delve into what constitutes happiness and what I jotted down that day is given below:

Happiness is like a rainbow; it has various shades, all at the same time, yet so beautiful.

Happiness is in that pure melody that rings in your ears, goes down to your stomach and spreads on your face like a glow.

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Learning along the way..

This post is in response to Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #09 called ‘The Be A Baby Challenge‘. The task was to see something with a fresh new perspective, and explore this new perception and dimension with engaging thoughts.

How better can it be than to see it from the eyes of a child itself?

Read on to get a peep into the psyche of a little girl in her preschooling years and how she sees the world through her innocent eyes.It is interesting how a child as young, analyses the ways of society and forms her own opinions, while asking some fundamental questions. The unbiased, unmalinged perspective she has while exploring the world around her is an asset only a child can have.Follow her below: Read More

Mundane Monday Challenge #26

Hi there!
Here goes my twenty sixth entry for Mundane Monday Challenge, hosted by Trablogger. This photography challenge requires us to capture beauty in almost anything and upload the photograph.
Here goes the picture for the week :


The setting, aesthetic placement of the mundane objects gives me a feeling as if I’m looking at a painting, a portrait of a family of stones maybe? Yes, those are marbles and granites. 😉
What do you think?

And yes, I’m asking you to stress your get cells and suggest a caption, please 😉

The best captions on MMC #25 were :


1. ‘Don’t just hang in there!’ by Alok Singhal
2.’The merger of on-line and off-line’ by Aadhirai.
3. ‘The happening roof top!’ by Ankit Mishra

An amazing outlook on the picture was shared by Prateek Kohli :
‘Somewhere between white and black, grey was found..’ which was shortened to ‘Life looks for 18% grey’ as a caption.

Thank you everyone for that time and effort. I really appreciate you all sharing your takes on the pictures. (and it includes you, my reader, reading this at the moment )

It’s over at Hargun’s #4

Over at Hargun's

Sat Sri Akal! A warm welcome to you all on this chilly winter evening. OAH is finally back  and it’s a girls’ day out this time.

We all in the blogging world know a person through their blog or the interaction with them in the comments section. But many times we form a bond with these people, we often look forward to seeing them in the blogging world and then we realize we have found a great friend! Or else, there may be personalities whose works are a big inspiration to you. Though virtual, these friendships and fan followings are real. And so here’s OAH, where we more than just meet and greet a fellow blogger, we see some unknown aspects of their life and we have loads of fun doing that!

Now, I hope you all are tucked tight in the blankets because if you are not, you just might forget to, once you start reading head. So my audience, hold on your thoughts, wrap the blanket tight, focus on the screen and welcome this month’s guest blogger at Living the Dream – Ms. Ameena K. G. author of the blog ‘Randoms by a random

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Mundane Monday Challenge #17

Welcome to my seventeenth week of  MMC hosted by Photrablogger.
This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost anything, capture it and upload the photograph.


The week is at its end and so is the evening. The setting sun created a brilliant hue against the blue sky slowly turning into black, announcing the arrival of the sun’s counterpart, Moon.
The sky against the foreground of the buildings looks as majestic as it is mundane.

I hope you liked the shot 🙂
Have a happy weekend ahead!   🌚🌞

Through my lens – 6

Welcome to my quest to explore the beauty in the overlooked, capture it in my camera and share with you some pictures purely Raw and Aesthetic .


The ornamental appeal of the picture at the first instance hides the actual reason which beckoned me to capture this view. You might love the way the squares and rectangles harmoniously stand out in the capture and the evergreen pairing of black and whites. But did you notice, the beauty of the greenery reflecting on the table top.
Could it catch your attention like it did mine?
Pause and look at the reflection. It reflects something apart from what is apparent, that is, some latent windows and the greenery on the back of the sofa set, not captured explicitly in the shot.
It’s good to go into an analytical mode sometimes, see an aspect in depth than judging from what is superficial. A great lesson for life too, what do you say?

So that was my viewpoint, what’s yours to look at the shot- The Geometric shapes, the colors, the chaos of objects, the reflections, the greenery or the latent meanings?
Whatever it be, this entry is sure another aspect of The daily post’s photo challenge, ‘Eye Spy’. I have obviously deviated from the literal meaning of the word ‘eye’ and construed it in the sense of ‘viewpoint’

If you liked this week’s click, stay tuned for the next !

A mystery to unravel

Hear o hear! This is a news for OAH lovers!!

‘IT’S OVER AT HARGUN’S ‘ is back with its third episode(yay!) slated to be published this Sunday, the 16th of august.

For those who are not familiar with the event to be a ‘furious fan’, let me acquaint you.This is a series where we a chit-chat with fellow bloggers and get to know them more. Since these fellow bloggers belong to lands far and wide, technology is used to level the gap effectively and efficiently 🙂

Now, as is our custom, the details would not be disclosed straight,but I will put your ‘creative’ alma matter to test .

This time the mystery revolves around who the guest is- it is for you to solve it in style.Let’s see who cracks this riddle, especially crafted  to aid you in your quest to guess the name of the guest 😉

Here it goes:

I belong to that category of humans;

Who like to roam,

And take you to places at the comfort of your  home.

I’m a lens wielding entertainer,

Adept at seizing the latent beauty in the inanimate;

Now, if you don’t wanna lose this game,

Hurry and guess my name!

Good luck !

Follow the links below to enjoy the previous episodes:

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The Free Style Writing Challenge

I was nominated by Prakash Hegade to attempt a free style writing challenge. It turned out to be as interesting and fun as it sounded. No wonder, I did it right after the nomination which is something I rarely do,especially if you have exams staring at your face!

So here are Rules I had to follow:

  1. Open an MS Word document
  2. Set a stop watch or your mobile to 5 minutes or 10 minutes whichever challenge you think you can beat.
  3. You topic is at the foot of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH A TIMER.
  4. Fill the word doc with as much words as you want. once you began writing do not stop even to turn.
  5. Do not cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check in MS WORD (it is only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write the right spelling and stick to grammar rules)
  6. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals. However if you do, it would be best.
  7. At the end of your post write down ‘No. Of words =_____’ so that we would have an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.
  8. Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new Topic for your nominees and copy paste these rules with your nominations (at least 5 bloggers).


Trains,whenever I think of them,my mind instantly goes to thepeaceful rocking of the sleeper seat and the rhythm that induces sleep!

Train journeys are fun , looking out the windows, reading books, enjoying some quality family time because now there wouldn’t be a TV or some office work  to distract you. I never forget the varied journeys where I made friends in a train, the  fun we had as kids! It used to be so easy to go over to the kid sitting on the seat in front of you and call them over to play. But sadly those friendships never lasted more than the journey itself.

Oh well, sitting in a train used to be quite interesting, but  the part to climb onto the third berth used to be even more scary and challenging. And then sleeping with a fear that what if I fall down from here?

Haha,being a child with innocvent thouyghts, away from problems and stress of adult life-it was awesome. But as a child, I did use to worry and keep a vigilant eye on the luggage we used to keep under the seats,secured by chain locks,especially at night,when everyone was snoring out loud. You never know!

Well,its been a while I travelled by trains or travelled anywhere far but it’s a ride to remember -always!
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The cycle of beauty

My best gift ever!
So thank you Prateek.. you did a terrific job:)

The Uncertainty Principle

This is in response to (and for) my favorite short story-writer, Hargun who gave me a challenge which required defining beauty in ten sentences comprising six words each. The twist was that each sentence must have the word ‘beauty’. It also required ending it with a favorite quote on “beauty“. For a person with experience of writing poetry as less as one week, it was a herculean task. So this is my attempt after burying my head under the pillow for a long time. 🙂

The beauty in her words arrive

From the beauty of her heart

Thus spilling purest beauty on paper

When appreciation she gets, beauty travels

Galloping like Black Beauty to her

Lips forming the symbol of beauty 🙂

This journey of beauty, from heart

To lips, the author of beauty

Makes the day filled with beauty

Beauty, Which is a joy forever.

And my favorite quote on beauty will always…

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