Mundane Monday challenge


Breaking free (from Monday blues)!

This post is for Mundane Monday challenge hosted by Photrablogger. He’s a great self learned photographer with a knack to capture beauty in his lenses. This would be my first official entry into the challenge which is on for months now I guess.  The challenge requires us to capture beauty in everyday simple things and upload the photograph. I always wanted to be a part and here I am. This picture was clicked at the time I was going out to work, when I noticed my reflection on the glass of the window opposite the front door. Apart from me, the front gate(black) and the house(white) opposite to ours is being reflected in the background. I had kept an eye open for anything interesting I could find for the challege and that surely paid off! So now Mondays are not that mundane after all, with a challenge present to banish the Monday blues!           Happy week to all of you! 🌻



I was invited by Prakash Hegade to complete a challenge which required defining beauty in ten sentences comprising six words each. The twist was that each sentence must have the word ‘beauty’. It also required ending it with a favorite quote on “beauty“ and  to nominate your friends to participate and spread the virus.

It was a task squeezing my thoughts on the subject in these 60 words,but I enjoyed doing  it !

Here is it:

Beauty defines character not just skin

Heart is where real beauty lies

This beauty loves ,outer beauty charms

This beauty endures ,surface beauty perishes

True beauty never seeks an appraiser

To a beautiful heart, world’s beautiful

Blooming flowers, spreading fragrance is beauty

Water sparkling down the leaf  -beauty!

Fought siblings giggling next moment -beauty!

For it- spreading smiles is beauty 🙂

I hope you liked it. But wait the task isn’t complete yet, I need to give my favourite quote to complete the task. Here is a one I loved at first sight:

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

As far as nominations are concerned, I would like to keep it an open challenge- anyone interested to showcase their creativity is welcomed. Just include a ping back so that I can read your great work as well 🙂


Here’s My entry for this week’s Favorite quote challenge .

‘Gussa na handa, dehi rog na lagayi’

which advises ‘don’t hold on to anger, and your body won’t be engulfed by diseases’

This quote is by saint Farid. He has very rightly said that anger is the source of all our ailments. Anger makes your mouth work faster than your mind, leaving moments of guilt and regret later.  If you think shouting at someone shows your authority then think twice. It’s never so, at least in the long run.Moreover, it’s the worst way to get things done.

But controlling anger is easier said than done. I have learnt the hard way to stop cribbing over a silly person who would never listen and it’s highly advised to abandon the topic and preserve that energy. It’s useless trying to teach someone who doesn’t want to improve at all.

Moreover, I know it’s difficult to control when someone or something is getting so out of hand, but I have always noticed that people tend to see the person shouting as the culprit, however right he might be. Hardly a few in this world care to understand your point of view, they always tend to act on what’s visible on the surface.i guess It’s far better to keep quiet when instigated than to get tagged disrespectful/unsophisticated later. And trust me, this difficult job of keeping calm in those few moments, would burn the instigator inside.

To put the lid on, I’ll share with you some very valuable lessons given to me by the ‘ART OF LIVING’ people once. They advised not to accept the garbage of wrath and hurting words somebody threw at us, it was his, so let him keep it. They coined a beautiful phrase, BE ‘button proof’.

So next time somebody tries to switch you on(instigates you), don’t let them. Better make your anger worth a million dollars. And you wouldn’t want to spend it just like that ,would you?


I was chosen by Prakash and Umber to write a post on “What is Love in Ten Sentences”. And the twist- each sentence must be composed of four words.

So you people here’s my hard work. Hope you like it 🙂

Love’s that carefree bird

Struggling to fly unabated

Searching branch to branch

To find the ‘one’

Love’s that addictive wine

Which makes one blind

The heart won’t obey

Mulling night and day

But true love’s divine

As hard to find!

The next part of the task was to share my favorite love quote. Well, here’s the one I like, More because I think its so true!

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Today’s qoute for words crush Wednesday:

 “so kyon manda aakheye jit jamme rajan”

which means, ‘why call a woman inferior? It is her who gives birth to great kings’

Challenge accepted!

This verse is  by Guru Nanak Dev Ji from ‘Asa di Var’ hymn composed by him.

This is a powerful qoute relevant even today. It was composed at a time when woman faced prejudice and were given unequal status as compared to men.

In medieval India, condition of woman deteriorated highly, and  a widowed woman wasn’t allowed to wear coloured clothes or remarry, and in a ritual called ‘sati’ she was thrown in the pyre burning her husband’s body. The reason? Because what would she do on earth, when her husband isn’t there? She should go with him.

Moreover,female feticide was rampant. (it still is, but the situation has improved highly).The condition was such that sometimes people remarried just because the first wife couldn’t give birth to a son.

Even today, a woman faces discrimination in some form or the other, she has to prove her worth everywhere. But from then to now, things have changed for the better.

 Now I ask you, what is your opinion on the issue? We all come from varied societies, and it would be a lot different from your point of view. Do leave a reply in the comments section.

As I put the lid on, I leave for you the whole stanza translated in English :

From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and


Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come.

When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.

So why call her bad? From her, kings are born.

From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all.

Words crush Wednesday!


Its indeed a pleasure to participate in my first ever event: Words Crush Wednesday hosted by LISA from REBIRTH OF LISA.

My first quote is from Guru Granth Sahib ji, Sikh holy book .The sermons therein really are  pearls of wisdom. Let me share the one I rate highly:

Jin gur parsadi man jiteya jag tene jitana

Which Means: Who conquer their minds, CAN conquer the world By gods grace.

Another one, “Man jete jag jeet”  in hymn called  ‘Japji Sahib’ by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, means the same.

I think if one starts practicing such teachings, s/he can scale heights of success. But again, when it comes to practical implementation, our own procrastinating attitude leads to failures.

Take me, I find the quote really inspiring but often lack will power or self control to carry out the great ideas I have. If I simply start utilizing the time well, then I will never have to squeeze important tasks in a limited time frame, which often leads to a compromise on quality and an inability to give my best shot.

Our heart and its desires are akin to monkeys’ they say, always mischievously jumping from one glittery thing to another, one thought to another. Sometimes becoming greedy or contemptuous and at other times it telling us that it doesn’t feel like doing an important task, just to while away some precious time watching that TV serial or socializing over the web. Sometimes it will spend hours thinking why it happened or why did he say that. Or simply burn daylight in regrets over past mistakes, which can’t be changed but just be taken as a lesson we learnt.

If we are able to control our mind & heart’s  superfluous desires, do something our future self will thank us for, we’ll definitely be successful.

My take on the daily prompt: Connect the dots

So today’s task was to publish a post personalizing a daily prompt into our blog post.well,that’s Interesting and challenging!

So as a obedient blogger, I opened the daily prompt page. Wow,over there was a huge collection of prompts,sorted date wise. Scrolling down, CONNECT THE DOTS  prompt caught my attention. Clicking on it, I met the subject matter for my today’s post.:

‘Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.’

Nearby book? Hmm,there must be some books on my desk. Yes,there was one but that was my course newsletter. Nonetheless I opened it, but alas! no page 82 here.I turned to the the next book in the pile- ‘The  Income tax Act’. As luck would have it, the page were numbered chapter wise in decimals. So I took up the next and last book on the table. Thankfully, this one had a page numbered 82,but this page contained solutions to some problems I had solved. No chance of finding a full line to turn in a blog post in these calculations.

Undettered,I got up and went to the dearby cabinet in a hope of finding a book with a page numbered ’82’. The books piled on the front were some I had accumulated to read someday(If you have read my introduction post, You’d know how long this someday’s awaiting arrival :P)

Anyways,I picked up the first one and finally, I found this as my third full sentence:

“Oil and gas resources form a dominant part of our primary energy mix and touch our lives in ways more than one”

Oh gosh! Oil and natural gas? What a topic!

To know what I did with it, click ME :p