The mesmerizing fragrance of the soil..

when I read the words:




The instant picture which flashed in my mind was: the sweet memory of the days when I used to sit at the window and enjoy the mesmerizing fragrance of the soil just after a rain shower!



Those were really good days when we used to enjoy the small pleasures the life used to throw at us! Its been so long since I enjoyed that fragrance… it still rains,the soil is right there..but the window is lost somewhere..!

In response to today’s DP prompt.


OH SHIT! I’M GETTING ADDICTED.. OK, I came here with as a novice,with really no experience,didn't know how to manage,how to get around.In my early days, I was totally dependent on Facebook to show people what was doing. And to be truthful, I was dampened and kinda dejected,after my fourth post..but things started looking up after I joined blogging 101.I met people on the same boat, some new bloggers like me,some really helpful people,some who motivated me,some who shared my opinions,my feelings-some who were like me.Really,sometimes It left me amazed! It was as if I had met a long lost sister who was sitting miles away.. Now I know many of you,I have made some lovely friends,I love visiting here everyday to find out new assignments(seriously,if this wasn't there, I would have gone mad with nothing engaging to do) and some of you have shown trust in me and are accompanying me in living my dream.. SO thank you! I wouldn't have been possible without you! THIS ONE IS FOR YOU MY FOLLOWERS AND VIEWERS.:)

A post to my dream reader

Now that’s a task which I found really exciting,something dedicated to my dream reader….hmm,to be truthful, now when I think about my dream reader, my real feeling is ‘I don’t care, if this XYZ reads or not’. But sharing with you guys XYZ’s journey from being someone I considered worthy to analyse my works to a just another reader is something I don’t do at all ..but as its part of my job to add a ‘new-to-you’ element .. so here’s it:
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