Pinky from Moga

Pinky from Moga’ or ‘Pinky Moge Wali’ as its better known in Punjabi, was a character from a hit Punjabi movie. More than the movie, this comic character which was only verbally depicted in the film as a beautiful girl flocked by guys, was remembered by the audience. Since this pinky was just a character in dialogues, one didn’t expect to see the reel or real  face behind it, but this was not going to be  the case with me and the people in my neighborhood.

It was in the autumn of 2012(as far as I remember). That afternoon I was at home, preparing for my exams ahead. I was going to the kitchen for water when I heard some one call out ‘Pinky Moge wali aa gyi oye’ 

‘ O Pinky!’

 ‘O Pinky Moge wali!’

I was amused  at first and then shocked as I realized it was  a young boy in his teens who lived in my lane, calling out such names from the balcony of his house . Before I could react, The noises had died down. Ok, the topic ended and I got back to my chores. Then the next day again,I heard the boy and his gang call out names to whoever was passing by our lane.

At First, I  thought it was a prank. But  it was continuing  day after day. Finally one early evening as I heard the shouts again, I left whatever I was doing  and  went out  to have a look what was going on in the street .

Ours is a respected neighborhood and this type of teasing could not be tolerated.

As I peered though our gate, surprisingly there was no one in the street.I had missed them. So I went inside,  anguished at what was going on.

Some days later, I heard the little sister of this guy, about 6-7 years old at that time, calling out to his brother from their balcony. She was shouting,’Bhaiya! Pinky Moge Wali aa gyi! Jaldi aao..’

Now,This was the end of my patience. To my dismay,His little sister  too had started accompanying him in such an unwarranted behavior .This mess had to end  once and for all. I rushed out to catch them red handed.

As I noticed, her brother had come out to join the fun. Both of them were laughing and hurling names at ‘Pinky’.

But this poor female could not do a thing to make these children sane. All she could do was to pass by quietly. Even I was taken aback . All I could do was to stand and look. Do you know why?

Because, this ‘Pinky’ was neither from moga, nor she was a beautiful young maiden whom I could save. This was a white coloured street Dog, better said, a bitch who with a group of other dogs had recently declared our neighborhood as their new home!

So the mystery was solved and I had met the ‘White Pinky from Moga’.

I was glad the mystery was unraveled on a hilarious note. Everyone was left in splits when they got to know what a name had been given to this new entrant into the lane.

Now years later, the name ‘Pinky Moge Wali’ still adorns this bitch but has been shortened to Pinky. Everyone in the street calls her by this name. And we think it suits her too 😉



  1. Somali K Chakrabarti · August 7, 2015

    This is hilarious 🙂

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  2. izza ifzaal · August 7, 2015

    Hahah sweet! !!

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  3. Gursimran Kaur · August 7, 2015

    I was not expecting it to end like this (I really thought it would be some pretty girl) but of course it made me laugh, a lot!!

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  4. Pratik Akkawar · August 7, 2015

    Wow, what a climax! All is well that ends well. Funny it was! 😀

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  5. eloquentparadise · August 7, 2015

    Enjoyed reading. Good one 😀


  6. Darshith Badiyani · August 10, 2015

    Great real life experience 😉 Beautifully written 🙂

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  7. Yogesh Parashar · August 12, 2015

    This is awesome. I too had watched the movies from where it all started. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hargun Wahi · August 12, 2015

      He he.. So you can relate better to Pinky’s character and this memoir 😉
      Glad you liked it ! thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  8. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder · August 15, 2015

    That’s a nice story… 😀

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  9. Norway Mist · October 17, 2015


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  10. trablogger · October 21, 2015

    Oh ..such a suspense thriller 😉
    Hope you are doing alright. Its been long!

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    • Hargun Wahi · October 21, 2015

      Yes, there couldn’t have be a better case to solve. The end was the best part 😉

      Also, I’m fine, its just that I’m all caught up these days.. But I’ll be back soon!
      I am glad you stopped by. Thanks 🙂

      PS: Mondays have become too mundane but I guess it’s time to click the monotony down 😉

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  11. Nisthur Anadi · October 23, 2015

    Too good, mysteriously hilarious !!

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    • Hargun Wahi · October 24, 2015

      Yes, it is!
      And it had the most unexpected twist.. That sure made me experience saying ‘All is well that ends well’ live!
      Thanks a lot for stopping by. Keep enjoying:)

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  12. Vamagandhi · October 23, 2015

    Homemade awesome desi humor. Loved it.

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    • Hargun Wahi · October 24, 2015

      We too had a hearty laugh on that one..and that pinky still lives in the lane 😉
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading it .Thanks a lot!


  13. messupdressup03 · October 24, 2015

    Read your last 3 posts and I guess me rating them 5 on 5 says it all ❤
    Lovely blog 💕
    Iam glad I stumbled upon your blog 💃

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  14. Beparvah !! · November 1, 2015

    initially after reading for few moments I was about to react in a different way, but the way it ended made me laugh !!
    thanks for sharing !!
    god bless this pinky who brought some smile on our face !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hargun Wahi · November 1, 2015

      He he…same here !
      All is well that ends well personified 😉
      I’m glad it could make you smile. Have a Happy week ahead 🙂

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      • Beparvah !! · November 1, 2015

        same to you …
        god bless you !!

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  15. Nitin · November 8, 2015

    Haha.. kept me hooked till the end.. 😛 🙂 .. nice work..

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